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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from various tee labels, warning me about their new designs.  So why not present some of them in one singular post? First we have a new design by The Dept., called Vampire Androids Always Win. I like the use of purple colors and simpe cartoonish design. Good way of mixing funny slogan and nice design. This shirt is available for $22.00 there at The Dept. online store.


Second we have a design called Stride by a label previously unknown to me, called Bear Annihilator. I like this design cause it is inspired by 1920’s cartoons, you just have to love that retro stuff! Shirt is available for $24.00 from Bear Annihilator online shop (both in men and women styles and sizes).


And lastly, we have 2 new designs from those crazy Fuzzy Ink-sters – a label dedicated to create tee designs based around moustaches. You know that a real man is nothing without his moustaches. So, of you don’t have one – why wouldn’t you own one of these fine shirts? Both shirts are available for $18.95 from Fuzzy Ink online store.


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The Dept is a small design studio in LA, run by tee designer Richard Leighton. His fascination with all things androids is done very nice on his designs, which can be seen from the first look on his shop, up there at Big Cartel. He just added a new design, called “Get On Board!”, to his “Androids Always Win” series, whic features a crew of androids on the loose. Here are some of my picks (along with a new design):


Even though I’m not a fan of all things space (and that Star Wars stuff), I really like what Richard does. His designs are good, they are clean, and they are fun. Plus, they’re screen printed on 100% quality cotton American Apparel shirts, with environment friendly inks. Prices are $22.00, plus he has a really good lookin’ tote bag for your shopping routine.

Looking forward for new episodes of  “androids on the loose”!

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