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Starting a tee label is a 50/50% situation. 50% win, or 50% fail. You just gotta know where are you heading, you have to be persistent and a little extra luck couldn’t hurt. Most people make a few designs, print them onto shirts just to “taste the waters” and then quit after the first obstacle.

I guess guys behind Nokturnal Clothing (from Leeds, UK) went to this trip with clear heads – they seem to know whom they’re addressing with their designs, which sets a very good platform for the starters. Speaking of which – they’ve only started in January this year and already managed to create a very impressive line, especially if you’re into big colorful prints with obscure looking characters.

Most of the labels in this sub-genre of T-shirt designs are printing whatever they can onto garment, mainly because of guaranteed profits, not caring for their own signature. From what I can see – Nokturnal Clothing doesn’t go this way. Whilst not every design is made by the same designer, Nokturnal do have it’s own signature, and although the designs are undoubtedly aggressive – the colors they use are somewhat restrained, which is what I like.

As I’ve already stated – characters which are dominating their designs are a bit bizzare and obscure and the prints are massive, often consisting of five colors altogether. Since it’s begginings, Nokturnal concentrated on the varied offer; along the T-shirts you can also find vests and those provocatively lady pants in their online shop.

Prices range depending on a product, with the tees going from 10-15 British Pounds and the vests for 15£. Some designs are available in other color combinations, guess you’ll have to councel with the guys from Nokturnal about that.

I’d like to add that Nokturnal uses sponsoring as one of their marketing strategies, which will be discussed in one of my future posts. Also, I hear their new line is coming soon and these fine Leeds lads offered an exclusive preview for all of you Teezine readers, so keep your eyes open!

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To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of artistic / designer shirts, not just because I strongly respect and support independent clothing and it’s ways of operating T-shirt business, but also because of the fact there are not many artistic graphics which manage to catch my eye. I think some designers are way too arty and try to please mainstream audience, creating mostly cheap, Picasso look-alike graphics, selling them as some kind of latest trend.

Now, in no way I’m not meaning to tell that New York City based line called Tae Ryan is one of those fashion design lines, evethough I thought so when I first checked their website. But, as every rule has it’s exception, this recently launched clothing line is rather really nice, and I learned they still do their business do-it-yourself way. I think they are very original in what they do and I really like the soft colours they use on their big tee prints, which are sometimes both-sided. Here are some samples of their first line:

As far as the quality goes, Tae Ryan uses discharge ink to give that super soft feel as if there is no ink on there at all. They have also used some plastisol inks where they wanted extra texture. Shirts are 100% cotton, and the company claims that they are super high end quality. In their own words, “each shirt was screened manually, meaning no 2 shirts are alike, each will differ slightly in position and color of the designs, so when you buy a Tae Ryan tee, you really are buying a one of a kind shirt”. I hope the fact Tae Ryan tees can be found in some high end boutiques won’t affect on your decision to buy them online at their nice website.

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Among thousands of new T-shirt companies out there nowadays, not many stick out from the bunch. However, I believe that Montreal based Akumu Ink is very good choice if you happen to like big prints on your tees and graphics inspired by rock scene (hardcore in particular). It surprised me that these folks only started in February this year, cause they already made a lot f really nice and cool designs (they decided to come out with two new designs each month). Now, they also make fine tote bags too, so here are some of their fresh designs (they are called “Impaled”, “Shattered” and “When A Cat Smiles”).

impaled by akumu inkshattered by akumu inkwhen a cat smiles by akumu ink

Akumu (which stands for nightmare in Japanese) is totally do-it-yourself tee company, which means they print their stuff themselves and only when someone order from them. Tees are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton shirts, and prices range from $21 – $25 (totes from $8 – $11), which I think is more than fair, having in mind the prints are BIG. They also ship worldwide, and the shipping price is only $4,50 per item. I’m sure you’ll find yourself something nice there on their website, and I’m looking forward for two new Akumu June designs!

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