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When searching online for your next favorite piece of clothes you should consider Toronto’s / Canada independent clothing brand Dream Gold. Started back in 2007. with an intention of creating clothing that will make you feel like a royalty if you wore it – Dream Gold shortly shaped their designs with a touch of exclusivity and premiumness, paying attention to details as their trade mark. Huge, often bold (and gold) prints and limited pressings are not the only reasons why you should check their nice looking and informative website, so make sure you do! And – of course – read what Dream Gold founding members had to say about their line in this exclusive interview.

Okay, could you guys introduce yourselves to Teezine readers – who is that loving couple we can see pictures of on Dream Gold’s website and what are your basic stands and principles in life?

Hi everyone, we’re Serji and Taira, and we are the creators of Dream Gold. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and equality, no matter what your stance in life is. It’s our objective to treat every customer like royalty. We want to spread the gold, and make their experience with our brand unforgettable.

How did you decide to create a clothing brand and what were your guiding thoughts regarding it’s appearance?

We basically wanted to create something we could call our own, and creating a clothing brand just seemed to be the perfect idea considering Serji had a gift for graphic design. We knew we wanted to create something different and better than the rest, which was hard. Dream Gold slowly evolved into what it is today through countless hours of research and experimentation.

What motto stands behind a name Dream Gold and how did you choose that name in the first place?

See it, Feel it, Be it. Taira actually came up with that on a whim, and we just thought it was perfect for Dream Gold and what we stand for. To break it down, it’s basically a 3-step process to achieving your greatest goldest dreams.

How would you describe Dream Gold designs to a blind person?

All things royal with a pinch of perfection. Something you’d feel good wearing, due to our positive message.

Who creates your designs and which is the one you’re most proud of?

We both are the brains behind our designs and Serji is the executor. We’re proud of all of our designs. With each release we strive to top the preceding designs.

Your shirts seem to be done very well, with much details, like logo hem tags and such interesting stuff.  What is the usual process when producing your new line?

Thank you, we try our best to produce the best! We feel the little details add a lot more value and character to our products. When people see how much you care about the little things, it makes them appreciate you and your brand that much more, which is what we strive for.

What kind of printing method do you use with your designs and which brand of shirts showed as the best for you guys?

We use a hybrid mix of discharge and thinned down plastisol inks for maximum comfort and durability. We promise you that you will never feel like you are wearing a plastic shield on your chest. For now, we prefer to print our designs on American Apparel products for the best quality.

Which kind of promotional activities (besides social networks) do you use for spreading the word about Dream Gold? Are there any events you guys are throwing?

For our latest release we prepared a launch party, since we haven’t really tapped into our local market. We’re currently looking out for any indie shows that we could be a part of so we can meet, greet and treat the locals. We’re also going to try and find some retailers that would be interested in carrying Dream Gold. Little things such as giving out business cards and simply talking about our brand to others helps as well.

Who are your most loyal buyers? Did you do any researches yet in that sense and – if so – what were the results?

We haven’t done any research or polls for that, but we’ve noticed that even though we’re based in Canada, the Americans seem to love us quite a bit!

What was the most unusual reaction to your shirt(s) you’ve ever experienced? Any funny stories perhaps?

During our launch party, a random, intoxicated, self-proclaimed rapper, passing by on the street, freestyled about our brand. It was quite a performance! We regret not taking any pictures or videos of it.

What is your advice for the new / starting indie brands? What are the traps they might fall into?

Instead of giving the same ol’ advice and tips that every other brand gives, we will give some pointers on things you should NOT do when starting a brand.

  • Ride on trends
  • Expect to become successful overnight
  • Rip off other brands
  • Be inconsistent
  • Be closed minded
  • Expect everyone to love your ideas and/or brand
  • Overprice your products
  • Be afraid of inputting / losing a lot of money for the first few years
  • Be cheap (settle for nothing but the best)
  • Fake or cheat your success

How’s the future looking like for Dream Gold? Where do you see your brand in next 3-4 years?

Dream Gold’s future is as bright as ever. We’re just getting started and there’s no stopping us now! Be on the lookout for collaborations, more quality releases, and all of that good stuff.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this interview. Here is a 3-part video on producing Dream Gold summer 2011 line – it’s very interesting, so make sure you take a look at it! 

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