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Combining two of the most popular youth-oriented words in order to draw attention on your new tee label is a clever idea! I mean – is there a person who doesn’t know what a hamburger, or a disco is? Nevermind the fact that these two words, combined together, don’t make a sense… It makes a perfect sense if the designs behind it are interesting and eye-catching.

When Matt Linsangan warned me about his new tee label Hamburger Disco, I was curious to see what they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to see the use of simple, iconic designs in soft colors (both the shirts and the inks), which aim to younger indie fashioned types of people, as well as those of us a bit older, who like to feel young (again). Here are some of their designs I found worth checking out:

Hamburg 02Hamburg 01Everyday_Chaos_Group1

“It all started with a trip to Japan…” recalls creator Matt Linsangan.  While on vacation in Japan, Matt realized that North America didn’t celebrate hamburger couture as much as it should. “Capsule toys, pencils, candy, beach balls, CD Cases, stationary, street art – it seemed like there were hamburgers on everything in Japan. How could we as North Americans – the founders of the hamburger – not represent?” continues Matt.  Hamburger Disco was founded shortly after.

In case you find Hamburger Discos’ nice tees cool, have in mind they are limited edition shirts. So, hurry up to catch yours while they’re still available!


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