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It all started with “Trashin'”. At least for me. Watching that movie as a kid made me try finding the balance on my cousin’s plastic skateboard for the first time. Needless to say – my knees were covered with blood stains. Don’t know why – but this T-shirt design by LTD Tee brings back those nostalgic memories to my head.

LTD Tee is an artistic project which is around for quite some time. It is run by this nice guy Mike Chong, who releases limited edition T-shirt boxes by different designer each time. This makes LTD Tee a very unique line where every design has it’s own story. Mike also happens to collaborate with very talented (and famous) designers, so each one of his releases is a classic on it’s own. Some time ago LTD Tees sent us two of their limited boxes for a review. This time we’re reviewing the one called “Skateboard Explosion”, by indie-famous designer Porous Walker.

Skateboard Explosion T-shirt by Porous Walker / LTD Tee

Skateboard Explosion T-shirt by Porous Walker / LTD Tee

  • Overall feeling

Once you hold this package in your hands you can’t help but feel this is some serious business. Eventhough LTD Tee has it’s own trademark cardboard box – this one is customized and designed to fit the complete story. I especially like how the original T-shirt design is applied to the whole box, with LTD Tee logo incorporated into whole design. Also, while holding this box in your hands you feel like it’s a piece of something, needless to say – a piece of art, and not just a tee packed in a box.

  • T-shirt design

Very simple, comic-styled design, but also very eye-catching. Old school, I’d say. Brown lines are emphasized by yellow ones, which may look as if the design was printed wrong. But don’t be deceived by that- this is awesome artwork. Chosing a white color shirt to print the design on is also very wise, because it makes the design come out much more perceivable. A round of applause, please!

Skateboard Explosion limited T-shirt box by Porous Walker / LTD Tee - details

Skateboard Explosion limited T-shirt box by Porous Walker / LTD Tee - details

  • T-shirt type

Remember when almost all your T-shirts were thick and heavy? Well I sure do, and so is this one. Now, I’m not sure which type this shirt is, because the hang tag is cut off (but there is an unique print inside – later on that). However, you can see and feel the shirt is of  very good quality. When dressed on it fits tightly, so if you want some more free space for your body you should probably order one size bigger. Skateboard fashion went wide last 20 years anyhow.

  • Details

If you’re in T-shirt business yourself – nice way to tag your tees is printing your logo and accompanied details inside the shirt, just below the neck. You can also carefully cut off the original hang tag, so it looks almost as if you’re sewing your own shirts. LTD Tee did that, too, but they made it unique – they’ve printed Porous Walker’s (the designer) whole bio inside the shirt, just below the their logo. Nice way to bring the attention and pay tribuite to the designer! This cardboard box also contains an art print (original T-shirt design printed out) and a couple of LTD Tee stickers. Cute.

Skateboard Explosion limited box by Porpus Walker / LTD Tee - details

Skateboard Explosion limited box by Porpus Walker / LTD Tee - details

  • Printing method & maintance

No wonder this shirt is screen-printed. I cannot think of any other way which would make this design look this great on a tee. As you might know screen-printing allows a years-long durability of applied colors, plus the colors are soaked well if the cotton is of fine quality, such as with this particular shirt. It’s made of 100% cotton. You are not to iron over the design and not to wash the shirt with white clothes.

  • Conclusion

Whether you’re a pro-skateboarder, or just a skateboard fan (much like myself, I simply love my knees and elbows too much…) – you WILL love this design, I am 100% sure. Have in mind it’s a very limited edition design – no additional prints of this design will be made in this form. Plus, it’s nicely packed into LTD Tee customized box with some cute extras (art print, stickers…). It’s always hard to price the artwork – but $29.99 (plus shipping) for the whole box is more than reasonable, don’t you think? You’ll not only posses the unique shirt – but a real piece of independent art. And you just gotta support indie, right?

LTD Tee has much more boxes to offer in their online shop, so make sure you visit it, whether you’re buying someone a birthday present – or a collectors item for yourself. Did you like this tee? What did you think of it? Would LOVE to hear your opinions, so don’t hesitate to leave your comment below! Thank you!

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“Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease”. One of Jimmy Carter’s most popular quotes. 39th President of United States managed to convince Egypt to recognize Israel back in 1978 (Camp David Accords), which was probably his biggest accomplishment as a president.  Two years before that – during the 1976 Presidential Elections – his supporters used the slogan “Gimme Jimmy” on buttons used for his campaign.

Some 35 years after Retro Campaigns – an independent clothing line from LA which we already featured back in 2009 -evokes a remembrance on that event by re-printing the original button design onto vintage-styled tees which look like they came straight from that era. Make no mistake – they do not only print Jimmy Carter’s campaign slogans, but also other candidates slogans from American Presidential Elections history. In my opinion – a very cool idea for making your T-shirt line stick out from all the others out there.

Recently we’ve had the privilege to convince ourselves into great quality Retro Campaigns deliver – we were sent their lady styled “Gimme Jimmy” sample T-shirt for a review.

  • Overall feeling

The first impression upon unpacking the shirt was – wow! You just gotta love those retro-styled ringer T-shirts. All those extracted fibers and rubs in darker tone makes this tee look vintage, almost as if it was made in 1976, as the design perhaps might suggest. Green color makes it even more retro, and even if anything wasn’t printed on it – the shirt would still look great alone. When dressed on this tee feels incredibly soft, even though it isn’t of a thinnest kind.

Gimme Jimmie T-shirt by Retro Campaigns

Gimme Jimmie T-shirt by Retro Campaigns

  • Design

The design itself isn’t of most creative kind, and as mentioned before – it’s a reprint. However, the slogan is rather witty – speaking in 1970’s terms. Using the print color same as the rubs is clever in my opinion, making the design look as a natural part of this tee. Washed-up effect, of course, adds much to the vintage look.

  • Printing method

This design was screen-printed, same as all Retro Campaigns designs. It’s a most common printing method which gurantees long durance of applied colors. The print is soaked into garmnet almost as if it was made from one piece, which indicates the fiber is of finest quality.

Gimme Jimmy T-shirt by Retro Campaigns

Gimme Jimmy T-shirt by Retro Campaigns

  • T-shirt type & maintenance

Retro Campaigns used Bella ringer T-shirt for printing this design. If you’re not familliar with this brand – Bella is one of the finest US-based blank clothing makers out there, and this particualar tee is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is to be machine washed warm with like colors, and if you want to bleach it you have to use only non-chlorine bleach. It is recommendable not to iron over the printed design, however we’ve ironed over it on a medium setting and nothing happened.

  • Conclusion

Like your shirts retro / vintage, but different? Then by all means try Retro Campaigns. You’ll have a unique design which will make people smile, no matter which political option they’ve belonged to. Not only that – you’ll have a highest-quality T-shirt which will last for years. We don’t want this to sound as if we’re praising Retro Campaigns for sending us a free sample – it’s our honest opinion, having in mind what does this line represents.

Gimme Jimmie T-shirt by Retro Campaigns / detail

Gimme Jimmie T-shirt by Retro Campaigns / detail

Did you like this T-shirt? Whom did you vote for back in 1976? Ummm, not really… We’d really love to hear YOUR opinion on Retro Campaigns and their shirts, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Let’s start a real political discussion (with a retro flavour).

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Buying T-shirts online can be a tricky business sometimes. So many styles and designs, so many possibilities and prices. How to find that perfect shirt that not only looks cool, but will also be of highest quality and  – all in all – best value for money? Well, this article will not give you an answer to that. Instead, it will address few important things you need to have in mind when buying T-shirts online.

T-shirts are art

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

T-shirts are not only clothes, T-shirts are art. Hope you understand this fact. They express different standpoints, they feature specific design styles and they address various issues in unique, creative ways. T-shirt packaging – for instance – is an art for itself. So if you’re looking for another “I’m with stupid” slogan shirt – that’s fine, but here you’ll be given some facts about designer T-shirts in form of physical T-shirt review.

T-shirt sample

Recently I was offered to review Unleash Studio T-shirt of my choice by Melissa Rivera, the creative force behind this independent clothing company and designer studio from Honolulu, Hawaii. No ukulele, no lei this time. Melissa rather designs  her tees driven by the love for animals (not in some weird way, though – shame on you for thinking like that)! I chose “Rock Chick” T-shirt in green (it comes in grey, too). Two weeks later Unleash parcel found my doors.

  • Packaging – shirt was packed in plain envelope, but it had big Unlesah logo printed on it, which I find nice. Of course not all T-shirts you order  online need to have unique packaging, but adding such details says much about the professional approach of the company.
  • Overall impression upon unpacking shirt seemed very nice with dominating design and a lot of details, such as company tags and additional prints. It also appeared a bit longer than I expected, but I was warned about it before shirt was sent (later I’ll talk more about it).
  • T-shirt typedesign is printed on American Apparel T-shirt, a brand which is well-known for it’s outstanding quality. It’s a 100% combed cotton shirt which needs to be washed first in order to shrik (it’s not a preshrunk one) and it’s fitted athletic / slim. It’s also of medium thickness.

When worn shirt feels very comfortable, soft and light. You should always ask about those kind of things when you’re ordering T-shirts online because you simply don’t want to invest your bucks into something you wouldn’t feel comfortable in.

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - detail

T-shirt design

As I’ve stated before – this design is called “Rock Chick” and is just one of the designs from Unleash “animal series”, which also features “DJ Shark”, “Skateboarder Squirrel”, “Winged Elephant” and “Seahorse Knight” (plus some other combinations). It comes printed on green or grey shirts in both men and women styles (“Standard American” is American Apparel unisex line).

  • Creativity aspects – coming from a schooled and a very talented designer no wonder this design looks so great. Having an eye for a detail, Melissa Rivera adds some technology items to the body of this mohawked chick, which might address the latest (sad) human interventions into animal bodies. Chicken is standing on a guitar and it feels like it’s playing it using fingerpicking… umm, I meant – clawpicking style.  To spice it up a little Melissa colored  a mohawk into flaring green.
  • Details – having an eye for details is one thing, but applying that to your product is another. This T-shirt is filled with details, but luckily – not in a blatant way. There is a back print just above the lower edge of a tee, which features all the designs from Unleash “animal series”. There is also Unleash logo printed on the right sleeve, plus a sewn-in inwrought Unleash logo tag at the lower edge on front of a shirt. Since I’m a sucker for details I give this shirt the highest rating.
  • Print method – design is applied to the shirt using screen printing, which is  probably the most used method of  T-shirt printing. This  printing method – among other things – guarantees you longer durability of design / colors.

When buying a T-shirt you might want to think about what does the design says for itself. Is it perhaps representing your standpoint on something? Will  people react to the ironic approach of a design (I don’t mean iron-ed on / heat-transferred design)? Or you like it just because it looks great, so you hope you’ll look great in it? If so – keep on hoping!

Seriously – the design and the way it is done (both designed and printed / applied) is the crucial aspect of chosing your new T-shirt because of  both  uniqueness and persistence of colors.

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - back print

Other T-shirt facts

Here are some other facts about this T-shirt.

  • Sizing – this shirt is sized L and I usually wear M. I was warned I should order one size bigger because of the slim fit and because the shirt is not preshrunk. Pictures here are taken after I washed the shirt, so it shrunk a little.
  • Maintance – shirt should be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. This prevents the distortion of design / colors.
  • Additional items – there was Unleash cardboard tag attached to a neck tag. Shirt also came with a fyler which features all designs from Unleash “animal series” and states the importance of animals in our lives.
  • Price – This shirt is priced $20.00 (plus shipping), which is a middle-range price. It’s also very affordable if you know how well and detailed it is done, especially when some clothing companies charge double their uninventive designs.  Plus the shirt itself is of great quality. Sometimes you just want to pay a little extra in order to get the right quality and also something no one else has… well, at least not that many people.
Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - sleeve and tag

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - sleeve and tag


Unleash Studio managed to create a great looking T-shirt with cool T-shirt design which is both funny and creative,  while addressing the important issue (human treatment of animals). Shirt feels very comfortable and soft, it’s easy to maintain and the price is affordable, having in mind creativity and execution aspects. You might wanna check for the right sizing because of the  slim fit, though.

Make sure you check Unleash Studio official website because it features Melissa Rivera’s wonderfuly designed useful items, such as skateboard shelves, dog-shaped night lamps and robot desktop helpers.

Like this shirt? Find this article useful? Think I missed something? Please take a sec and leave your comment below – I’d really love to hear your opinion!

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To tell you the truth – I was attracted to this London clothing line because of their name. The term “death before dishonour” can be often heard here and there and you mustadmit it sounds fatalistic. Just like Samurai. The “harakiri” thing these guys had – when they would kill themselves if they felt they’ve betrayed their family or country – is just one of the motives for Death Before Dishonour Clothing designs. Their latest offer was inspired by Buddhism, which is also very important for the Samurai philosophy.

Now, before you conclude something else, I must tell you guys behind Death Before Dishonour are driven by the irony of “blood and guts” approach, “throwing it straight back at anyone foolish enough to embrace thuggery”. Mr. Chris Manning, the designer, says: “this is a play on Sleeping Samurais lose their eyes. The eye of wakefulness is a Samurais greatest protection”.

“The eye shining above the bones signifies that the true state of wakefulness (enlightenment) is beyond the mortal structure of man… i.e. bones & sinew”, adds Manning. By the way – the word “kanji” in Japanese writing says “samurai”, and the title of the design is “Eyeball”. Browsing DBD website, I particulary liked this “Sleeping Samurai” design.

The design is inspired by the classic works of Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest Samurai warriors of all times, famed for his duels and distinctive style. He also wrote “The Book Of Five Rings”  – a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today. As you can see, the tee is also available in women style and is screen printed, containing part of the Samurai code inside the garment.  Apart from tees, DBD Clothing offers swatshirts, too, and here’s the one I really liked.

This one features another famous Japanese warrior – Ninja! Quicker than shadow and more quiet than the summer wind, Ninja Skeleton creeps out of the darkness and is about to assassinate you! I really liked the graphic novel Noir style inspired design with dynamic and highlighted shadowing. This sweat is of heavyweight high quality combed cotton. Just like this DBD Clothing logo hoodie, which is among their sale items now.

Apart from the very nice designs and the broadness of their apparel, I’ll make one annotation to DBD Clothing; they should perhaps redesign their website. I don’t wanna say it’s not easy to navigate, but this version makes a slight unjustice to such fine looking items.

And so, all of you tee Samurais, before you go and sacrifice your life for some higher purpose, please make sure to check Death Before Dishonour online shop. And please off yourself after your order arrives.

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Well it’s fall here in Croatia, Halloween is coming tomorrow night, and what a better time to present a tee which is called “Falling Time” than this? Asking for a review at my blog, Sebastian from Canaduh’s clothing line 604Republic was very kind and offered me a chance to choose a shirt I liked the best from their online shop. My eye caught this wonderful design with a Victorian-looking man falling down and I liked the title, so my choice was obvious. And in case you haven’t heard of 604Republic yet – in their own words it’s “awesome hoodies, amazing apparel”. A few days later I had the chance to ascertain myself of that, as 604Republic parcel found my doors.

Upon unpacking the shirt it was clearly it’s of finest quality, along with the detailed design. It was also evident the shirt is a bit thicker / heavier, which is something you either like or not (I like the diversity with my tees, for example). After I tried the shirt on I’ve also noticed it’s a bit long, which can improve the line of your body, making you look taller and slimmer (specially in my case – at least it’s my illusion). Shirt feels comfortable on your body, although you might find it a bit too tight, which depends on your body constitution.

The design itself is – in my opinion – fantastic and perhaps one of the best tee designs I’ve seen lately. Not only it is done with a great precision, but it looks great and feels nice when you touch it. To make it clearer, I’ve made a few photos in macro-mode on my camera, which is used to take pictures of flowers and insects a few milimetres away from your lens to accent the details. You can slearly see the fibers, along with the awesome screen printing job 604Republic made with this particuar design.

One of the main characteristics of 604Repulic apparel is paying an extra attention to the detail (it can be seen by browsing their online shop), which is illustrated the best by these tiny bits of falling clods. I especially liked how they colored this unfortunate man’s skin by using the somewhat pop-art technique, with all these dots. Oh – and an extra plus for the choice of yellow and blue color combination, which was used to emphasize the drama which is going on.

“This unfortunate gentleman was either thrown or jumped, I suppose we’ll never know the real story”, says 604Apparel. At least he’s taking his watch with him, we agree, loving the word play in the title of this design and it’s position right on the bottom of a tee (if we waited a second more maybe we would have missed the scene). R.I.P., you poor man! It’s hard to survive this kind of falling.

604Republic printed this design on Alstyle Apparel pre-shrunked 100% cotton shirt. I’ve already said it appears to be of finest quality, with the double-needle bottom hem and sleeves. However, I have one complaint. Since an extra attention is paid to details, I’d love if there was a 604Republic neck tag sewn in, or attached to the Alstyle tag. Or even a smaller print / 604Republic logo on the sleeve or at the back of a tee. Anyways, this design is also available as a hoodie, which is this company’s primary product. In my opinion – the design looks better on a tee just because of the print position.

“Falling Time” T-shirt and hoodie are available through 604Republic online shop, where you can find a nice assortment of items in both men and women styles. Concentrating it’s business primarly on hoodies and not on tees, this line  is perhaps choosing the harder way in terms of selling, but no doubt they might position themselves high based on the quality of their designs and products.

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Interesting and unique designs are excellent for starting your clothing line, but they are not everything. In order to give a really different and personal touch to your line – why not invest into simple and relatively cheap things, such as packaging? With a little imagination you could turn the eyes on you not just because of the various items in your online shop, but also because of the unique style of packing ’em up. Seems like people @ The Booth Society understood this while starting their brand, inspired by the hip hop music & culture, packing their shirts into cardboard boxes, looking like 12″ vinyl record sleeves.

Not only the packaging is so different and cool; The Booth Society also creates really nice and memorable tee designs, which shows they carefuly choose their colors while designing. Being printed onto high-quality American Apparel shirts, The Booth Society designs aren’t screaming the stereotyped phrases all over the place. However, they are still overweening, just like the hip hop lifestyle is. “You won’t find our products plastered with our logo turning you into a walking billboard”, says The Society, bolding the names of their products such as “Untouchable. Uncrushable.”, “Believe The Hype” and “The East Coast Hip Hop Legends”.

It would be more accurate to say The Booth Society is much more than just a clothing line, since their mission is to connect the musicians, DJs, producers and artists. With such a direct approach and already profiled apparel – who knows where it could lead them? “We know that our clothing, with its creativity and comfort speaks for itself”, states The Society, “we want you to wear it for the same reason we want to wear it, we love it”. Nothing more to add.

The Booth Society items are available for around $32.00 at their online shop.

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Well, to tell you the truth – I don’t really dig that whole “bro” walk & talk, but nevertheless I think it’s a cool business idea. At least with relatively new, but still profiled company called StatusBro. I say “company” instead of “tee label” because people at StatusBro.com not only print and carry T-shirts, but do offer koozies, stickers and other fun stuff. Now I was politely offered to review one of their tees and upon browsing their site I picked up the one called Sharks!

A week or two later the shirt arrived and surprised me pleasently with it’s appearance. As you can see, the design with sharks flock is three-colored (three shades of blue) and printed on black shirt it looks very strong and eye-catching. I immediately touched the print with my fingers and it appeared to be kind of rubber-ish, almost like a rubber stamp, which is cool and adds to originality of the shirt itself.

Upon trying the shirt on it felt soft and very comfotable, but not being too thin at the sime time. It’s a pre-shrunk 100 % cotton shirt which fits nicely (at least I think so), but if you prefer an extra comfort you might wanna order it in one size bigger. For example – I normally wear M size and this shirt fits me very tight, which can be a problem if you’re having that little extra weight like me 🙂 However, this shirt isn’t one of those tight shirts which are choking your body when worn.

Back to the design – I must admit I really respect sharks as mightiest predators in seas & oceans and wouldn’t wanna meet one “nose to nose” (I hear they’re circling around Adriatic sea often these days), but I don’t think I’m  “the predator” in my group of friends like this design suggests (neither am I the sealife scientist). However, I can prove you this shirt grabs attention as shark’s jaws, based on reactions by some of my friends, who wanted to know where did I get it.

Now, although this promo shirt don’t have an original StatusBro neck label, it still has very cool StatusBro logo printed on the back, just below the neck, which is always cool (like I always say – I really like those kind of details on shirts). The print is also rubber-ish (note: not rubbish!), just like the one on the front of the shirt.

All in all – this shirt is eye-catching, comfortable and original piece of cloth, and is also value for money (it can be yours for $20 through StatusBro online shop). Even if you wear it along with your trousers / skirt, or beneath a jacket or something, it is guaranteed to invoke a reaction, and today it is most important to be original and unique, right? Also, the good news is StatusBro is now having a promotion for one of their shirts (Don’t break the seal for $10), plus if you send them your picture wearing one of their shirts you get a free sticker and a koozie pack. Now, what’s your status, bro?

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