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Okay, so how many of you know about a clothing company from Indonesia? Well, maybe just me 🙂 Anyways, I got to know Dede Nurs – the owner of the Eight Wardrobe – via allmighty Facebook simply because I liked one of their shirts. He then introduced me to his extensive line, which not only includes tees, but pants, shirts, jackets and longsleeves, too. Upon checking the Eight apparel I discovered many great, subtle designs, some of which deserve an extra attention in my opinion.

Eight Wardrobe is – in their own words – elegantly youth presentation. It started in 2008 with an idea of bringing their simple design concept to younger urban people. I like  the way they’re playing with bold fonts and simple shapes.

As I said before, Eight also has many other items aside tees, like longleeves or jackets.

“Rawk Merch” is a very special tee series  by Eight Wardrobe,  where they collaborate with various artists on creating – well – rock merchandise! First in the series is creating a 4-piece collection for a De’s band Got Me Blind. I liked viking design the best.

With such a diverse apparel I am sure Eight Wardrobe is on it’s way to successfully cross the Indonesian borders (they have a Big Cartel store, too). I also hope they bring more interesting collaborations with various artists to international tee market.


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