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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from various tee labels, warning me about their new designs.  So why not present some of them in one singular post? First we have a new design by The Dept., called Vampire Androids Always Win. I like the use of purple colors and simpe cartoonish design. Good way of mixing funny slogan and nice design. This shirt is available for $22.00 there at The Dept. online store.


Second we have a design called Stride by a label previously unknown to me, called Bear Annihilator. I like this design cause it is inspired by 1920’s cartoons, you just have to love that retro stuff! Shirt is available for $24.00 from Bear Annihilator online shop (both in men and women styles and sizes).


And lastly, we have 2 new designs from those crazy Fuzzy Ink-sters – a label dedicated to create tee designs based around moustaches. You know that a real man is nothing without his moustaches. So, of you don’t have one – why wouldn’t you own one of these fine shirts? Both shirts are available for $18.95 from Fuzzy Ink online store.


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“What’s a man without a mustache” – I think it’s a proper translation of popular Croatian book (and movie) title. And my answer is – not a real man! I mean, just look at some of the great mustache-wearing famous people: Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Frank Zappa, Eugene Hütz (I won’t mention that crazy guy who started World War II)… Hell, even I have it! Would we be half a men we are, if it wasn’t for mustache? No, as far as I’m concerned 🙂

Anyway, people at Fuzzy Ink created a brand new clothing line based entirely around the mustache. In their own words, “our current aim is to replace certain mainstream pop culture items of everyday life with that of the mustache”. Great idea for a tee company! Since they have only six designs in their webshop for the beggining, I decided to present all of them to you:

Now, that’s some great T-shirt designs, wouldn’t you agree? All tees and details (such as tagless stamp on the inside and outside of the shirt) are hand printed by Fuzzy Inksters (2-Station/4-Color press), and if you decide to shop at their webshop they’ll do their best to make it nice and easy for you. Prices are $17.95, but there is also a Trivia coupon that will give you about an 11% discount ($2.00) on your order if answered correctly. For all additional info feel free to contact these fine folks. And at the end – I think Clark Gable wouldn’t be ashamed of Fuzzy Ink mustache!

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