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Have you ever imagined a movie with all your favorite aliens in it? That would be more than cool, right? Just bring them all together in a typical American small town or a suburb – and let the party begin! Well if you haven’t thought about it – Splitreason have! And instead of making a movie they made an awesome T-shirt design.

Splitreason creates geek’n’gamers humorous T-shirts and they approached us recently with an intention to send one of their shirts we liked the best for a review. It was a hard decision because they offer a lot of designs for both boys and girls, and most of them really look great. However – seeing this particular design mocking an everyone’s favorite scene from E.T. with Alf, Gremlins, Alien and others in it – we instantly picked this tee, women-styled.

Extra Terrestrials T-shirt by Splitreason

Extra Terrestrials T-shirt by Splitreason

  • Overall impression

T-shirt came packed in standard airmail envelope, which is one thing we regret, since Splitreason is in business for quite some time and perhaps a customized envelope would be nicer. However, upon opening the package, we were pleasently surprised by both the looks and the quality of the shirt. Soft cotton in combination with high-quality printing is always a winner, especially when the design looks this good.

  • Design

Splitreason tends to create funny T-shirt designs without being corny. Tell a good joke, but tell it in a different way. Perhaps that’s why we liked this design so much. Not only it’s fun to see all your favourite aliens in one place – whilst bringing to mind a great alien-themed movie – but this design is also well executed. It was made by Glen Brogan and it’s very detailed, however it also looks great from a longer distance, catching your attention for sure. Add a little childhood nostalgia – and there you have a winner! I mean, who haven’t cried to this scene when they were kids?

  • When tried on

Incredible softness is what you feel when you try this shirt on. It feels very gentle on your body, even though it’s not that thin. If you don’t like shirts which feel tied to your bodyline than you should probably order one size bigger, however be careful because the tee is a bit longer. And since this particular tee is women-styled – you can easily notice it is made to emphasize your lady attributes, like the waist, for example.

ET T-shirt by Splitreason - details

ET T-shirt by Splitreason - details

  • Print method

This tee is screenprinted using 3 colors, but it looks like there are 4 colors (since the shirt is black the designer didn’t have to use black). It puts an extra point to the creativity aspect and shows how to use a color of the shirt in your design effectively. As we already stated – the design is very detailed, and seeing how well it is transferred onto garment shows that Splitreason really do care HOW they make their shirts. We especially liked the white tones on the blue-ish Moon and high contrasts portraying those funny creatures.

  • T-shirt type and maintenance

This is an All Style Apparel tee, made of 100% combed, ring spun cotton. Maintenance is relatively easy – this shirt is to be washed with alike-colors, however it is not to be ironed over the image because steam might destroy it. However, if maintained properly you will have a great quality T-shirt with an image that will not wash out.

Chewie Kun T-shirt by Splitreason

Chewie Kun T-shirt by Splitreason

  • Summary

Being in business for quite some time Splitreason know well what they’re doing – great looking designs which are made to put a smile on your face, or to touch a similar emotion in you. High quality printing onto high quality shirts – and I’m sure they have no unsatisfied customers. Pay attention to ordering, because the shirts are slim-fitting and a bit longer. It would be nice to see more company’s logos and details printed on a shirt.

Look for much more funny / geek / gamers themed T-shirt designs in Splitreason online shop. Since the summer is here – you’ll have a T-shirt everyone’s turning their eyes to. If that’s what you want, of course.

What did you think about this tee? Which one of the portrayed alines is your favourite? We’d LOVE to hear your opinion, so don’t hesitate to leave your comment below! Thank you!


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