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Uneetee is similar to Threadless or Design By Hümans. Designers submit their graphic for a T-shirt, then visitors of the site vote for it. If it gets enough votes, then the designs are being printed on actual shirts and you have a chance to buy ’em. Nice thing is that some of the designs are being printed with that special colors with “effects”, such as shining, gold and silver colors, glow in the dark and such (there is an explanation for such shirts). It was hard to pick designs to be presented at Tee zine, so I concentrated on new tees.





Designs are printed on 100 % cotton shirts (American Apparel), and prices are mostly $17.99, which is more than fair. There is also an Insaneetee Deal, which means you can buy one selected shirt for that day for the price of just 10 bucks! Now, that’s really cool. What I like about sites like these is “everyone wins” situation – quality designers are being rewarded for their good job, they make some money, people are buying some really great looking shirts and this can’t be bad for people at Uneetee either 🙂 Anyway, go vote for very cool designs now! Support indie artists!


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