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It’s interesting how the “Lion Of Judah” term is often used as a synonym for Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, who believed that he is a direct descendant of the Israelite Tribe Of Judah. If you look carefully, almost every other kid in your town wears a shirt with this image of a fearless lion, mixed with green / yellow / red colors of Etiophian flag. Not to offend all of you rastas, but when speaking of Christian tradition, that term represents Jesus Christ Himself (there are some other interpretations of “Lion Of Judah”, too).

Following that path, newly launched American indie label, called Paid In Full Apparel, prints their designs based on some motives from Christian tradition, along with their nicely put slogan “fresh graphics / eternal message”. In fact – I’ve written about them last month, some of you may remember that… I must say that Paid In Full is printed by 316 Graphics, and Philip Hepler – the man behind it – was really kind when he asked which one of his designs / tees would I like to review at my blog. I chose Lion Of Judah tee right away, because it’s a strong design with kinda hidden message (the title “Lion Of Judah” is nicely made as a part 0f Lion’s mane).

Lion 01

My sample shirt arrived a couple of days later, and it was all wrapped and banded with Paid In Full tape. Once I’ve unwrapped it, I noticed a really cool detail, attached to a shirt’s sleeve by a safety pin. It consisted of Paid In Full Apparel’s label, with an explanation of a company’s philosophy (their designs are meant to be a conversation starter to witness to others about Jesus Christ), plus an unique scripture verse selected at random (mine was Matthew 22:37 – “Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with your mind”). Now, that is a really nice idea!


Once I dressed the shirt (it comes in 3 colors – sand, military green and cream), I noticed that it’s a bit longer than I’ve expected. I mean, I regularly wear M size and all my tees seem to suit me fine, but this one is up to my legs, fitting nicely at my body at the same time. However, I don’t mind wearing it that way, ’cause I don’t think it looks bad (and my problem is I’m not that tall). I am mentioning that fact just for you to have that in mind when ordering from Paid In Full.

The image itself is powerful, I mean – just look at the eyes of that Lion! If I’m not mistaken Philip drew it himself, and if so – he made a great job! Lions are known to be fearless (mostly), they are crowned “kings of all animals”, and having in mind what this particular design is representing, I would say this shirt is done really clever. I always felt religion as something really personal, and even if it’s a Christian tradition to witness your religion, I like the fact that the message of this design / shirt is somewhat hidden and ambiguous.

Paid In Full

Since this shirt is tagless (there is no label sewed on the inside) Paid In Full printed their logo on the inner side. That’s also done with a style, and there are instructions on how to wash / iron your shirt incorporated into the design. Regular price of the shirt is $18, but right now this tee is on sale for $16. I must repeat that when buying from Pain In Full Apparel you’re supporting ministry (at least 10 percent of each sale is given to that cause). All in all, I would say I got really great done, comfortable cotton shirt, which is a bit heavier (I guess it’s 180g) and I’ll sure feel good wearing it (and I do that often).

At the end, I’d like you to see 3 brand new Paind In Full designs that are being printed these days (2 are women’s and one is men’s design). They’re called Saved By Grace (it will feature crystalina glitter ink), True Love Throught Christ and Rooted In Christ (I like the latter the best).



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I dunno if you actually need some fur for your soul, but I am sure you could use some Soul Fur in the shape of nicely designed and printed tees. Under that interesting name is a new indie tee brand, which has only 3 designs so far, but they already  show that (with some luck and proper marketing strategy) Soul Fur Clothing could make a name for itself in a short amount of time. These are all designs available at the moment.

spacecartelmechcartelbee cartel

Graphics are artistic and somehow itchy, but without being aggressive, which is a huge plus in my book, having in mind all those fluorescent big tee prints around. Geremy is building his designs around animals and insects, and I especially like the one with a bee glued to the honey (I like the way he purposely used yellow and purple color combination to catch your eye). As he said in his mail: “all of our shirts are 15 dollars + plus shipping & handling and include anything from playing cards, hand written notes, to cheap microphones”. So, there’s no real reason for you not to visit the Soul Fur Clothing shop here!

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To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of artistic / designer shirts, not just because I strongly respect and support independent clothing and it’s ways of operating T-shirt business, but also because of the fact there are not many artistic graphics which manage to catch my eye. I think some designers are way too arty and try to please mainstream audience, creating mostly cheap, Picasso look-alike graphics, selling them as some kind of latest trend.

Now, in no way I’m not meaning to tell that New York City based line called Tae Ryan is one of those fashion design lines, evethough I thought so when I first checked their website. But, as every rule has it’s exception, this recently launched clothing line is rather really nice, and I learned they still do their business do-it-yourself way. I think they are very original in what they do and I really like the soft colours they use on their big tee prints, which are sometimes both-sided. Here are some samples of their first line:

As far as the quality goes, Tae Ryan uses discharge ink to give that super soft feel as if there is no ink on there at all. They have also used some plastisol inks where they wanted extra texture. Shirts are 100% cotton, and the company claims that they are super high end quality. In their own words, “each shirt was screened manually, meaning no 2 shirts are alike, each will differ slightly in position and color of the designs, so when you buy a Tae Ryan tee, you really are buying a one of a kind shirt”. I hope the fact Tae Ryan tees can be found in some high end boutiques won’t affect on your decision to buy them online at their nice website.

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Nice, cool clothing company EndangeredWear warned me about their new tee. So, in their own words: “We just released a new shirt that you might like to let your visitors know about. For a limited time, it is available for 16.99 (regularly 22.99).

Also, we are offering our Starflyer design for 7 bucks (regularly 22.99) now through the end of Monday the 14th”:

So, be quick and don’t miss this offer! And while you’re there at their site, please check their other shirts, especially charity designs! It’s worth your time, especially money.

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Just got an email from Lowman, a.k.a. Jonathan Looman, who is Dutch T-shirt / clothing graphic designer. His company – Lowman – just released a brand new shirt. So, here is the info on it from them:

“We are kicking-off with the first in a series of limited edition typographic T-shirt designs. For this series the main goal will be getting high quality t-shirts with fresh designs on to your beautiful bodies!!

The first design to hit the streets is “Back Once Again”. Already a classic, this one is not only available in the original Black&White combo for Guys and Girls. There is also a very limited summer-color version in Grey&Purple for the guys and Pink&Purple for the girls.

A big plus is that, we made sure that the t-shirts are made from biological cotton and are emission and sweatshop free. So you get a good looking and great fitting Tee, which can be worn proudly”!!

Lowman shirt

Personally – I think it’s one great looking tee design! Like the slightly 80s style letters. Prices depend on T-shirt styles, but they are between 25 and 30 Euros. Now, go ahead and choose your style!

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Really interesting site and really interesting method of making tee graphics. The pieces are created predominantly using simply – a simple black marker! So, when this artist feels inspired by some of the things around him, he thinks of a nice theme for his graphic and begins to work on sketches. Then comes molding and all those things to make a design more presentable to the eye. If the artist is satisfied with it, he then decides how he wants the design to appear on a tee. So, here are some of the samples:

Alicia Keys by Black Marker ProductionsDream Bus by Black Marker ProductionsMusic by Black Marker ProductionsShoes by Black Marker Productions

The thing is – this artist also takes request for future T-shirt designs. For example – take a look at this Alicia Keys tee above and if you have a cool idea about the shirt you’d like to wear, contact the man. Also contact him regarding the printing process and prices.

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Among thousands of new T-shirt companies out there nowadays, not many stick out from the bunch. However, I believe that Montreal based Akumu Ink is very good choice if you happen to like big prints on your tees and graphics inspired by rock scene (hardcore in particular). It surprised me that these folks only started in February this year, cause they already made a lot f really nice and cool designs (they decided to come out with two new designs each month). Now, they also make fine tote bags too, so here are some of their fresh designs (they are called “Impaled”, “Shattered” and “When A Cat Smiles”).

impaled by akumu inkshattered by akumu inkwhen a cat smiles by akumu ink

Akumu (which stands for nightmare in Japanese) is totally do-it-yourself tee company, which means they print their stuff themselves and only when someone order from them. Tees are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton shirts, and prices range from $21 – $25 (totes from $8 – $11), which I think is more than fair, having in mind the prints are BIG. They also ship worldwide, and the shipping price is only $4,50 per item. I’m sure you’ll find yourself something nice there on their website, and I’m looking forward for two new Akumu June designs!

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