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Combining two of the most popular youth-oriented words in order to draw attention on your new tee label is a clever idea! I mean – is there a person who doesn’t know what a hamburger, or a disco is? Nevermind the fact that these two words, combined together, don’t make a sense… It makes a perfect sense if the designs behind it are interesting and eye-catching.

When Matt Linsangan warned me about his new tee label Hamburger Disco, I was curious to see what they had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to see the use of simple, iconic designs in soft colors (both the shirts and the inks), which aim to younger indie fashioned types of people, as well as those of us a bit older, who like to feel young (again). Here are some of their designs I found worth checking out:

Hamburg 02Hamburg 01Everyday_Chaos_Group1

“It all started with a trip to Japan…” recalls creator Matt Linsangan.  While on vacation in Japan, Matt realized that North America didn’t celebrate hamburger couture as much as it should. “Capsule toys, pencils, candy, beach balls, CD Cases, stationary, street art – it seemed like there were hamburgers on everything in Japan. How could we as North Americans – the founders of the hamburger – not represent?” continues Matt.  Hamburger Disco was founded shortly after.

In case you find Hamburger Discos’ nice tees cool, have in mind they are limited edition shirts. So, hurry up to catch yours while they’re still available!

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There was a big explosion in the sky. All cities, countries and continents were destoroyed. What’s left was flooded by water. And when water dried, there were new continents. From holes deep in the ground came half people – half dead men, also known as zombies. Zombies were dominated by the population of robots, which destroyed the Earth as we knew it in the first place.

Joust_FlyerNow, I know this may sound as some kind of a B-thrash horror movie plot, but if it was true, I guess those zombies wold wear Robit Studios tees. This small, but already very profiled American T-shirt company, guided by Steve Orlando and his partner Jeffrey D. Gerzseny, creates some interesting, mostly retro designs, which (one can predict) look really cool on their shirts (all shirts are American Apparel, just to be mentioned, so you know you may expect 100 percent cotton). When I was asked to choose among many of Robit Studios tees the one which will be reviewed on this site, I immediately chose “Joust” (frankly, I wanted to choose the one with an old school Converse All Star shoe, but it was too plain for a review in my opinion, because there was only a photograph of a shoe on a grey shirt, with the company’s logo). “Joust” looked rather cool, so I’ve researched it a little bit.

ROBIT 002I am by no means what you might call a gamer (expect some experience on Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum back in the eighties), but I found out that “Joust” is the name of an arcade game from the eighties. According to wikipedia, “the player controls a knight armed with a lance, mounted on either an ostrich (player 1) or a stork (player 2), who battles waves of computer-controlled enemy knights mounted on giant buzzards”. Now, if this isn’t cool for both the game plot and the T-shirt design, I really don’t know what is… Few weeks later shirt arrived and I must admit it looked even better in reality, then at the Robit Studios nice online shop.

ROBIT 004Nervous to try it on, I’ve noticed it had a Robit Studios cool cardboard logo attached to the neck label, which says: “Robit says buy!”. After trying the shirt on, I’ve decided I really need to loose some pounds. I mean, I normally wear size M, and this one is in that size, but I guess American Apparel shirts are made to go along your body line without much air, so it’s maybe better to order it one size bigger, if you like your body to breathe. I don’t want to say that this is a problem for me, I just like it a bit more comfortable.

ROBIT 003On the back of the shirt – which, as you may see, comes in brown color – there are small wings, along with the word “flap” written below. There is also a reason for it – Wikipedia says: “A joystick moves left and right, and a “Flap” button flaps the mount’s wings once. Pressing “Flap” in rapid succession will produce a gain in altitude until simulated gravity drags the mount downward”. I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t tried it, but I can tell you this detail adds much to the overall impression on a tee, and I’m the man of details for sure!

What I like about Robit is that these guys seem to have fun, without printing so-called “funny” designs and slogans onto shirts. They rather choose simple, sometimes ironic way of speaking their minds when it comes to such things in life, as politics, movies / popular culture, or some good old nostalgy. Most of their shirts are around $20, and some of them are on sale right now (for $16). Shirts are printed by hand (means: silk screened), with water-based, environment-friendly colors. You also may buy some stickers from Robit, and I really appreciate that they’ve sent me a bunch of their great “most of you are average” stickers! As they said it themselves: “We gear our product toward anyone that appreciates the small businesses and creative minds, or the efforts of individuals against careless corporations that pander to the lowest common denominator”. When it comes to small, indie and good (read: honest), Robit Studios should be your choice.

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Springleap.com visitors have chosen another winner this week, and it’s called “Here comes trouble…” by German design DeeDeeKid, very talented deisgner whose portfolio is full of wonderful graphics. Here’s the winning design:


My impression is thatcolors he picked for his design fit perfectly with black shirts, on which the design is printed, so if you like funny / cartoonish / iconic tee designs, make sure you get this one (it’s $19 or 15 Euros).

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