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It all started with “Trashin'”. At least for me. Watching that movie as a kid made me try finding the balance on my cousin’s plastic skateboard for the first time. Needless to say – my knees were covered with blood stains. Don’t know why – but this T-shirt design by LTD Tee brings back those nostalgic memories to my head.

LTD Tee is an artistic project which is around for quite some time. It is run by this nice guy Mike Chong, who releases limited edition T-shirt boxes by different designer each time. This makes LTD Tee a very unique line where every design has it’s own story. Mike also happens to collaborate with very talented (and famous) designers, so each one of his releases is a classic on it’s own. Some time ago LTD Tees sent us two of their limited boxes for a review. This time we’re reviewing the one called “Skateboard Explosion”, by indie-famous designer Porous Walker.

Skateboard Explosion T-shirt by Porous Walker / LTD Tee

Skateboard Explosion T-shirt by Porous Walker / LTD Tee

  • Overall feeling

Once you hold this package in your hands you can’t help but feel this is some serious business. Eventhough LTD Tee has it’s own trademark cardboard box – this one is customized and designed to fit the complete story. I especially like how the original T-shirt design is applied to the whole box, with LTD Tee logo incorporated into whole design. Also, while holding this box in your hands you feel like it’s a piece of something, needless to say – a piece of art, and not just a tee packed in a box.

  • T-shirt design

Very simple, comic-styled design, but also very eye-catching. Old school, I’d say. Brown lines are emphasized by yellow ones, which may look as if the design was printed wrong. But don’t be deceived by that- this is awesome artwork. Chosing a white color shirt to print the design on is also very wise, because it makes the design come out much more perceivable. A round of applause, please!

Skateboard Explosion limited T-shirt box by Porous Walker / LTD Tee - details

Skateboard Explosion limited T-shirt box by Porous Walker / LTD Tee - details

  • T-shirt type

Remember when almost all your T-shirts were thick and heavy? Well I sure do, and so is this one. Now, I’m not sure which type this shirt is, because the hang tag is cut off (but there is an unique print inside – later on that). However, you can see and feel the shirt is of  very good quality. When dressed on it fits tightly, so if you want some more free space for your body you should probably order one size bigger. Skateboard fashion went wide last 20 years anyhow.

  • Details

If you’re in T-shirt business yourself – nice way to tag your tees is printing your logo and accompanied details inside the shirt, just below the neck. You can also carefully cut off the original hang tag, so it looks almost as if you’re sewing your own shirts. LTD Tee did that, too, but they made it unique – they’ve printed Porous Walker’s (the designer) whole bio inside the shirt, just below the their logo. Nice way to bring the attention and pay tribuite to the designer! This cardboard box also contains an art print (original T-shirt design printed out) and a couple of LTD Tee stickers. Cute.

Skateboard Explosion limited box by Porpus Walker / LTD Tee - details

Skateboard Explosion limited box by Porpus Walker / LTD Tee - details

  • Printing method & maintance

No wonder this shirt is screen-printed. I cannot think of any other way which would make this design look this great on a tee. As you might know screen-printing allows a years-long durability of applied colors, plus the colors are soaked well if the cotton is of fine quality, such as with this particular shirt. It’s made of 100% cotton. You are not to iron over the design and not to wash the shirt with white clothes.

  • Conclusion

Whether you’re a pro-skateboarder, or just a skateboard fan (much like myself, I simply love my knees and elbows too much…) – you WILL love this design, I am 100% sure. Have in mind it’s a very limited edition design – no additional prints of this design will be made in this form. Plus, it’s nicely packed into LTD Tee customized box with some cute extras (art print, stickers…). It’s always hard to price the artwork – but $29.99 (plus shipping) for the whole box is more than reasonable, don’t you think? You’ll not only posses the unique shirt – but a real piece of independent art. And you just gotta support indie, right?

LTD Tee has much more boxes to offer in their online shop, so make sure you visit it, whether you’re buying someone a birthday present – or a collectors item for yourself. Did you like this tee? What did you think of it? Would LOVE to hear your opinions, so don’t hesitate to leave your comment below! Thank you!


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If you follow what we publish here at Teezine then you might remember UK’s indie label Nokturnal Clothing from our previous posts (they won the bronze medal in Teezine 2010 T-shirt Olympics in Best Online Shop category). Folks at Nokturnal just informed us they’ve released a new amazing hoodie – their first ever – so we thought we might take a look at it.

Nokturnal Coat Of Arms hoodie - back

Nokturnal Coat Of Arms hoodie - back

First thing we liked is that this piece of cloth comes in both dark heather grey and black colors. As you can see, there is a big print on back and Nokturnal old-school looking logo on front (left breast). The design itself – called “Nokturnal Coat Of Arms” – looks really awesome, featuring a crest with many interesting details, such as daggers, crowns and weird looking animal creatures. The title above says “we are all nokturnal”. It would only look better without Nokturnal logo above it, in our humble opinion. Oh, and a big plus is that this is a zip-up hooded sweatshirt you’d be proud to wear everywhere you go.

Nokturnal Coat Of Arms hoodie - front

Nokturnal Coat Of Arms hoodie - front


This design is printed onto American Apparel flex fleece hoodies – and if you ever bought any American Apparel item then you must know it’s of finest quality. You can buy this hoodie alone for £35.00 (around $56.00), but also in a promo bundle along with Nokturnal font T-shirt for £40.00 (around $64.00). Hope to see more Nokturnal hoodies soon!


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Valentine is just around the corner and if you’re in love with somebody I bet you already bought a present for them. If not – what are you waiting for? A perfect idea? Well, how about a T-shirt?

Let’s start with two possible scenarios:

  • You’re in love with someone – that’s cool! If you love someone and haven’t got the guts to admit it you might wanna choose some T-shirt design which describes your feelings towards that person the best;
  • You’re in love with yourself – that’s cool, too (although a bit weird)! If you’re not in love with anybody else but yourself you just as well might gift yourself with a great T-shirt design which describes your such feelings the best.

Both ways we’ve got a perfect example of a perfect Valentine’s gift – a Rat On The Run “Love Is In The Air” T-shirt.

Rat On The Run packaging

Rat On The Run packaging

We’re all rats on the run

If you’re not new to Teezine then you might remember UK’s independent clothing line by the name of Rat On The Run, whose great looking sample “Daydream” we reviewed back in 2009. If you’re not familiar with them, let me just tell you they’re designing simple and un-offensive shirts which can be worn on everyday basis. Their quality is top-notch, not just the shirts, but the print too, which we here at Teezine can assure you of since their previous sample stood the test of time, still looking very fresh and non worn out.

With Valentines’ Day approaching Rat On The Run sent us another  one of their samples for a review.

  • Packaging and appereance – similar to previous one, this sample also came packed in somewhat customized ROTR cardboard box. Upon unboxing it we discovered shirt was wrapped into paper and sealed with Rat On The Run sticker. After the shirt was unwrapped it surprised us again how simple and yet pretty it looked. A girly-shirt and design that’s both unpretentious and eye-catching.
Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run

Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run

  • Design and creativity – although some of you might not be fans of slogan T-shirts (and although “love is in the air” is a bit generic one) we agreed that this design is nice for what it represents. White and purple vintage cartoon-ish fonts printed onto heavy pink colored tee make a nice contrast and emphasizes the message wrapped in those hot love colors.  Add a little detail – a heart-shaped baloon – and you get a cute design to wear around the house, when going to school or shopping in your nearest store. Sport activities accepted, as well.
Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run detail

Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run detail

  • T-shirt type and fitting – sample came in medium size and it fits tight, but comfortable, especially when you have in mind garment is of medium thickness (not too thin or heavy). It’s a 100% cotton shirt which feels nice on your body, tailored that it follows your waist, with those half-sized retro-looking sleeves.
  • Printing method and maintancescreen-printing is used in production of this tee, and it’s one of the most-common and best methods of printing, known for the durability of colors. Maintance is relatively easy – neck label says it is to be 40 degrees machine washed (with like-colors), you can iron it (although it’s recommendable not to iron over the design itself) and you can dry it in the drier (using normal cycle setting). You cannot bleach the shirt, though, as well as dryclean it.
Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run details

Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run details

  • Details and pricing – this shirt also has an additional print – a Rat On The Run cool looking logo on the left sleeve printed in white – which makes the shirt unique and branded. As mentioned before – there is a neck label with company’s logo and maintance instructions, printed silver onto black, adding a touch of glamour to the shirt. Price is £18.00, which is approx. $29.00 at the moment (with postage and packagingt included – not sure if it’s only valid  for UK’s territory though), so the price is  rather affordable.

With all this being said – we concluded Rat On The Run produced nice looking, quality shirt that’s easy to maintain and will last for years. Although using a common slogan – this shirt celebrates love and with it’s affordable price  makes a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Wheter you buy it for someone else, or for yourself.

Find this shirt nice? Find this review useful? Please let us know by leaving your comment below. Thank you!

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Don’t you like when your favourite band wears a kick-ass shirt by some independent label you haven’t heard of before? Makes you wanna go ahead and check out that line and see what they have to offer, right?

Well, we here at Teezine really like up-and-coming rock bands, as much as our pals at Winky Boo, an indie clothing label we featured before in various articles (they recently won gold medal as the best new clothing brand in 2010 in Teezine Shirt Olympics). Winky Boo sponsors five bands at the moment with their kick-ass gear and since we liked their music – and Winky Boo’s style – we decided to make a free MP3 sampler for all of you to enjoy in great music.

Winky Tees Rock free MP3 sampler cover

Winky Tees Rock free MP3 sampler cover

From moody, atmospheric metal to acoustic singer / songwriter music Winky Tees Rock features 12 tracks by Eyes To The Skyline, Fallen Asleep, The Borogoves, The Silence In-Between and Saving October. All tracks are free to download (and share) there at Teezine Facebook page. And while you’re there – make sure to click that little LIKE button as a small “thankyou”. Thank you!

And now – download the sampler and rock on! Also, make sure you check out Winky Boo website for some great clothing (note you can have a 10% off your order if you find the discount code among our links).

Hats T-shirt design by Winky Boo

Hats T-shirt design by Winky Boo

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Don’t dress like everybody else – find cool and unique T-shirts for yourself

Finding cool unique T-shirts out there might turn into a real Don Quijote quest for you – sometimes you just feel as if you were fighting windmills! Everybody thinks they offer unique stuff and everybody thinks they wear unique stuff. You might think that by entering some fancy store in nearest shopping mall makes you cool and unique, but it’s just not so because of two main reasons:

  • you don’t want to pay too much for something that is not worth it;
  • you don’t want to wear what everybody else is wearing.

Therefore it’s highly recommendable that you go indie. Following is the list of five independent T-shirt labels picked by us which might help you with your decision to stand out from the rest by chosing your new unique and quality T-shirt!

Confound Clothing – quality over quantity

Confound Clothing is a newly-established clothing company from UK. They feature hand-drawn, digitally colored designs which will surely get you noticed without screaming all over with flourescent colors. Quality T-shirts plus unique designs with nice prices is a triple win situation.

Confound Clothing T-shirt designs

Confound Clothing T-shirt designs

  • Mission – creating designs inspired by anything really: from art, trough music, to the picture of your mamma (not really);
  • Designs – sharks and wolves images can be found almost everywhere. However, guys at Confound strive to make their images different, putting their own designer signature to them by a bit bold  inking and yet delicate coloring;
  • Offer – there are currently three designs to choose from, which is not much, but is certainly enough for a promising start. Designs are  printed onto Froot Of The Loom 100% cotton 165gm T-shirts;
  • Pricing – shirts are priced £14.00 each, but if you choose all three you can get the bundle for only £30.00. Shipping is free in UK, £5.00 in Europe and £7.50 for the rest of the world.

More More More – less is more

More More More is an indie clothing label from Sweden which goes after less is more principle with their designs. Less colors, less details, less aggression, but more fun, more relaxation and more recognition. Sophisticated and direct at the same time, More More More items feel extremely light and classy.

Drippin' and Bandit T-shirts from Bandit collection by More More More

Drippin' and Bandit T-shirts from Bandit collection by More More More

  • Mission – to get people to feel extra pretty and that they can do it with a broad smile (quoted);
  • Designs – based on simple shapes and hand-drawn typography, in nice contrasts to primary colors of garments. As we already stated – less less less is more more more;
  • Offer – More More More has a very nice variety of products – from regular T-shirts and hoodies in both men and women styles, to accessories such as beanies, caps, tanks and tote bags;
  • Pricing – with €23.00 for a tee and €50.00 for a zip-up hoodie (plus €15.00 for a beanie and €10.00 for a bag) prices are reasonable and there are many items on sale (from as low as €13.00).

Peasop Clothing – white + colors = fun

Peasoup Clothing is new T-shirt label from UK which was born out of the desire to wear something different. Peasoup produces fresh and interesting limited edition tees with colorful designs, printed on Gildan fitted T-shirts that are built to last.

Deer and Birds T-shirts by Peasoup Clothing

Deer and Birds T-shirts by Peasoup Clothing

  • Mission – to help you look better (quoted);
  • Designs – big and carefully colored. They’re eye-catching, easy to recognize and have a common designer signature. Standing out from the rest and a bit of obscurity is Peasoup’s trademark;
  • Offer – there are four designs that come in both men and women styled tees. Peasoup isn’t one of those companies which will flood you with their new designs – they rather focus on quality over quantity (uniqueness included);
  • Pricing – prices are rather appropriate; all tees are £15.00, with shipping prices ranging from £1.50 to £3.50 (worldwide delivery).

Pyknic – clothes good enough to eat

Pyknic started back in 2006 with two friends (The Chef and The Butcher) designing their tees based on culinary recipes (well, not really), which continues to this day. Finding inspiration in Hanna-Barbera-style cartoons and comic illustrations Pyknic designs are both funny and great looking, without uneccessary exaggeration.

Culinary Cadets collection by Pyknic

Culinary Cadets collection by Pyknic

  • Mission – creating clothes that are good enough to eat;
  • Designs – bold, colorful and comic-styled, Pyknic designs are dominating the shirts, without being aggressive at the same time. Based around culinary topics Pyknic tees are funny and eye-catching;
  • Offer – very varied line with T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and even shorts and pants, all spiced up with accessories such as toys, bracelets and hats;
  • Pricing – prices are a bit more, but still very reasonable, with much nice sales. New T-shirt designs go for $24.99, crews for $35.00, hoodies for $40.00 and girls dinner denim for $20.00, for example.

Red Choo Choo – timeless and unique designs

Red Choo Choo is San Francisco based T-shirt line which collaborates with various artists on creating shirts which you will not wear only today, but for years to come. With various designers working on their line  and variety in shirt styles – Red Choo Choo offers something for everybody, whilst being environmentally-friendly.

Loin and Muted T-shirt designs by Red Choo Choo

Loin and Muted T-shirt designs by Red Choo Choo

  • Mission – to create timeless and unique designs (quoted);
  • Designs – sometimes direct, most times delicate Red Choo Choo designs are a bit artistic and even abstract. Careful choosing of colors, both for T-shirts and the designs;
  • Offer – nice variety of T-shirts in men, women and kids styles, with some items on sale and even a book in the offer. Designs are printed using water based inks on a super soft preshrunk 4.5 oz. 100% combed ring-spun cotton;
  • Pricing – prices are affordable, with tees going for $25.00 – $30.00 (kids T-shirts for $20.00). There are some items on nice sales.

Hope this list helps you with your decission on how to dress cool. Looking good goes hand in hand with picking indie clothing labels as your  shopping option, needless to say you’re supporting small-business and people like you this way.

Are you a proud owner of some item by affore-mentioned lines? Know about some other cool unique T-shirt line? Let us all know by leaving your comment here!

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Alternative clothing is relative term today and can be used to describe many varieties of independent clothing styles. However, it’s logical many labels are using the term to reach their potential customers more easily. Naturally – you must have something different and unique to offer, too. With all this being said, I think UK’s label Distress To Impress is on the right track to become the important and different alternative clothing label.

Started by the talented musician Kitty Cowell and the studied designer Lee Symonds, Distress To Impress developed a wide selection of clothing items, which includes not only the good ole T-shirts, but shorts, jackets and vests, too. Heavy colored, big prints are their trademark, balancing somewhere between trendy flourescent designs and more restrained indie approach. “Distress To Impress is a non-profit organisation which means that all the money put into it gets recycled and used to make more products”, states this dynamic duo, adding: “buy the clothing as it is all limited edition and small quanitites which means you won’t be wearing the same shit as everyone else”.

It’s obvious Distress To Impress designs speak to young people who have strong stands about the world we all live in, without forgetting the fun. They’ve also understood the power of viral marketing, having more and more fans on their Facebook profile every day. The online store is nice, but we’d prefer more info behind the designs. The fact that their prices range depending on each item means you’ll surely find something for yourself (girls especially, with bows, bags and those hot high waist shorts).

Distress To Impress is the name you uoghta watch for because they have the power to become big, and it’s good that they’ve reconciled different alternative styles with their designs. That – and their wide assortment of items – already puts them high on the alternative clothing market.

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Printing your own shirts became something much more than a side-hobby nowadays. It became a REAL business, with all it’s components (branding, marketing, whatnot…) Having that in mind, it is certainly hard for a starting underground tee label to make a name for itself. Designs HAVE to be unique, recognizable, and look appealing to many. Florida based IronSpider Clothing started in 2007 and from what can be seen on their website, they seem to make some really eye-catching designs, often transferred onto tees as big prints, which you’d really like to wear. I especially like the “less is more” concept, so don’t expect to find like dozens of designs when shopping at IronSpider.com. Rather expect many styles, such as longsleeves, hoodies and dresses. Since I really liked what I saw (plus, I’ve recognized their honest approach to me as a tee blogger), I thought why not asking them a couple of questions, in order to present them to you. Hope you’ll enjoy what follows!

owl-dijon-menCould you introduce yourself and tell what you do at Iron Spider Art?
We are IronSpider Clothing – a small indie label from US. We are basically a team of two people and we do everything ourselves, from creating t-shirt designs  and websites, to printing and marketing.

What is the concept behind your company? What was the motivation for starting a tee / clothing company in the first place?
The concept in the beginning was to create designs which are different from the mainstream, from what you usually find in the malls, and of course  more artistic. We are still working on that and there is really no final point on this road. We are trying to improve our style with different printing techniques and design ideas. The motivation behind starting a clothing line was to have t-shirts which we would like to wear and hopefully people will like them too.

How long have you been in business, and can you tell me what did you learn so far from it? What are the good sides, and what are the downfalls of having an indie tee label?
We exist since 2007. Pretty short time for so many things:) I don’t think I can mention everything we’ve learned so far, but some of the major things are – printing on t-shirts, using different inks, creating artworks (halftones and vectors),creating websites, communicating with all kinds of people and institutions, making mistakes, working hard and never give up :). The knowledge in this field is endless so we never stop learning. The good sides of having small label is that you are the company the company is what you do and it is kind of adventure every day. For the downfalls – we think that these days they are too many clothing/t-shirt companies out there and the market is overflowed.

alien-women3What can you tell me about your designs? Who design them, what they represent mostly…? Any special stories behind some of them?

Our designs are created entirely by us. Creating design and transferring it on a shirt is s a long process of trial and error. We are perfectionists and quality freaks, which also is something that the big companies are missing sometimes because it is time consuming, but for us it is the part of the process. Our designs represent mostly our inner expressions that’s why we are not profiled in one direction. Sometimes we are funny, some times mystic and dark.

What is the method you’re using when printing your designs onto fabrics? Which fabrics do you use? Which inks?
All of our designs are hand screen printed on the garments, there is no automation in the process. We use manual press. Doing it by hand is our policy and it is part of the uniqueness of the whole process. We use only 100% cotton fabrics from American Apparel – made in US which are really high quality and pleasure to work with. For now we use plastisol, discharge and water based inks.

ruins-black-men-lonslvYou ship internationally, right? What is the strangest country you’ve ever had an order from?
Yes, we ship internationally. So far we haven’t had any strange countries in our list, but it will be great to have some. It is always exiting to know that someone on the other end of the world likes our designs.

When purchasing your product, what is it an eventual customer is really buying?
When purchasing from us, a customer is getting our work with a signature of high quality garment and print,original design and a little bit of us.

Is it hard to specialize in the tee business, being a small underground label as you seem to be, with so much companies out there? What methods of marketing do you use?
Yes, it is not that easy being small limited company these days, but this is our passion and we really believe that working hard is the answer. Creating different designs with quality also will help. For now, we are using mostly online sources of marketing – blogs, websites, submission sites etc.

creative-power-women-hood3How do you look upon T-shirts themselves, do you think they’re just clothing objects, or they’re somehow became a media for sharing certain kind of messages? What attracts you to that media?
The t-shirt for us is like canvas where we can share our visions and expose them to the public. The main reason why we chose that media is that the t-shirt is very affordable, everyone wears one and actually they are the most wearable and simple part of the fashion world.

What is your opinion on (even indie) labels that are obviously overpricing their tees?

Overpricing any product is not really nice thing to do. I can only guess that some people are just greedy and with appetites only for money. Personally, I think this kind of companies are mostly with short existence and they are doomed.

Is there any specific label or a company you look up to? Any labels you’d like to mention, too? Or artists, maybe?
We are really influenced by artists from the industrial , dark , ambient , punk music movements, movie makers like J. Svankmajer and W. Herzog, painters like H. Bosh and A. Durer and etc…

IronSpider.com is having a sale for some of their designs at the moment, so make sure you check their site out!

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