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Have you ever spilled coffee on your favorite T-shirt? Yeah, a bitch, I know… However, if you’re a coffee addict (just like us) you’re gonna LOVE Javaboi Industries, a company run by this fine fella, Mr. Eric A. Johnson. Not only do they produce great looking tees with coffee-based designs, but are in the middle of big takeover, hopefully over the world.

We were lucky enough to be sent not one, but TWO of their awesome T-shirts for a review (and your reading pleasure) and instantly fell in love with them. Great designs printed onto high quality fabric (100% cotton, of course) and a lot of additional details – you can see a strong professional signature to Javaboi products. Guess Eric learned his lesson well from his mentor – Johnny Cupcakes himself. No wonder one of the biggest players in the industry – Lana Fuchs – picked Javaboi for her new business adventure. But, read about it later – let’s start with the packaging first.

  • Packaging

    When you’re trying to be different and original you’ve gotta think about details. And packaging is for sure one of those details. This packaging is none more than awesome, with shirts being packed in custom foil bags, looking like a new brand of coffee. Ace! We loved Javaboi 2-colors sticker on the bag, which was carefully sealed so it didn’t look possible to pack 2 shirts in it. However, they somehow managed to do so, and there goes a big thumb up for the clever and original T-shirt packaging!

Now, with shirts so nicely packed we were very eager to try them on and see how they feel when dressed on, especially when we felt how incredible soft they feel beneath fingers.

Review sample no. 1

Javaboi logo T-shirt

Javaboi logo T-shirt

  • Overall feeling – this is JBI official logo lady-style T-shirt (the review sample is sized M) with a copyrighted / trademark Javaboi logo. Make sure you remember it – it might become quite popular soon. Shirt feels very soft, kinda like American Apparel brand, but I’m not 100% sure because Javaboi prints onto few different kinds of garment, all made in USA.  When tried on the shirt appears to be a bit longer, although not that much, and embraces your body line gently & softly, which is a big plus since it fits slim. In case you don’t know which size to order don’t worry, because there is a sizing chart link by each product at Javaboi online store.
  • Design – you just gotta love this design! It’s very cute, clear and bold at the same time, so it’s applicable to many kinds of garments (tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps…) and might looks awesome as a sticker or a patch. I love how Javaboi made a fun character out of a coffee mug, plus they’ve added these retro / 70’s looking letters, which are accompanied by custom calligraphy. You can see this logo is developed very clever, as well as the whole Javaboi line.

  • Printing method & maintenance – this design is screen-printed with white and gray inks onto garment made of 100% ringspun cotton. If you’re not familiar with this method of printing then you gotta know that the inks are applied directly to garment through a framed piece of silk (that’s why it is also called silk-screening), which allows a years-long durability of colors / print if maintained according to instructions. And the instructions are simple – wash with alike colors, turned inside-out, and do not iron over the image.
  • Additional details & pricing – attention to details – that’s what Javaboi is all about – and that’s what everybody likes. There is a custom Javaboi neck tag sewn in, which looks great and adds a strong professional signature to the shirt. There’s also a small Javaboi logo patch on the back, just below the neck, and I especially love how it’s done – people often print their brands’ logo on the back, and Javaboi wanted their logo to literally stick out, which adds to originality. The price is great, too – only $15.00 will get you this nice branded tee that you’ll wear for years.

Review sample no. 2

First shirt justified high expectations – at least in our case – so let’s take a look at second Javaboi review sample, also lady-styled and sized M.

Javaboi Fresh & Pink T-shirt

Javaboi Fresh & Pink T-shirt

  • Overall feeling – just like the first review sample – the second one is none less than great! It might appear to you that it’s a bit thinner, but both shirts are of medium thickness. When dressed on this tee stretches a bit, but without losing it’s form, which is a huge plus. I would again claim it to be of American Apparel kind – at least it feels like AA brand. Nevertheless, you’ll notice quality at first sight (if you’re aiming for the best – just like in Javaboi’s case – you’ve got to use premium quality garments).
  • Design – this particular design is called “Javaboi Fresh Coffee And Pink” and when applied to brown colored shirt you get a nice combination of colors. Pink usually reminds of “girly” stuff, so to speak, and this design is not an exception, even though it might be worn by your grandma, without her looking odd (maybe it would just look ironic). I especially like that vintage script behind Javaboi Fresh logo, which makes this tee look so appealing. I believe timeless design is the right choice of words.

  • Printing method & maintenance – screen printing again – I imagine it would be impossible to apply this design to a garment using vinyl cutting. And if you’re serious about you’re business you’re not using heat-transfers or direct-to-garment printing, because it obviously doesn’t guarantee years-long durability of applied design, unlike screen-printing. Just remember to wash this shirt turned inside-out with alike colors, and do not iron over the design (I personally iron all my shirts turned inside-out – it preserves not only the design, but the original color of the shirt).
  • Additional details & pricing – just like the previous one – this tee also has a custom logo neck tag sewn in, with tee specifics and maintenance instructions attached. Plus, there’s another Javaboi patch on the back – a real cutie, I tell you! This shirt is also priced $15.00, which is more than affordable price for such  nicely done T-shirt. A value for money, I assure you.


Having in mind all of the stuff stated above – Javaboi Industries is cream of the crop when it comes to independent T-shirt producing. Finest quality garments with nice, big, bold and often retro / vintage oriented coffee-based designs, all wrapped up with original packaging and more than affordable prices – what more could you possibly want from a clothing brand?

Therefore we’re not exaggerating with our post title – especially when you know that at the moment Javaboi is talking big business with aforementioned Lana Fuchs, respectable owner of several clothing brands (I’m sure you know about Lana Fuchs Couture and B-Mafia). If everything happens as planned – Javaboi might as well become big worldwide brand just like Hello Kitty and Johnny Cupcakes. These two shirts prove our statement. And remember – you’ve read about it at Teezine first! Also read Eric Johnson’s interesting story on creating Javaboi.

Did you like these Javaboi T-shirts? Are you a coffee (and T-shirt) addict? We’d love to know what you thought about this review, so don’t hesitate to leave your comment below! Thanks!

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