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Funny T-shirt designs – how many times did you see that term on internet? No doubt funny slogans and illustrations are best-sellers on T-shirt market. Don’t know about you, but I don’t necessarily like that fact because of these two simple reasons:

  • funny T-shirts ain’t funny – whenever I see slogans like I’m with stupid or something like that I get this facial expression as if I’ve just eaten a slice of grapefruit. Rotten grapefruit;
  • funny T-shirts ain’t T-shirts – of course they are, but if you understand T-shirts as not just the clothes – but a medium to express different artistc styles, certain standpoints or particular lifestyle – than you’ll understand what I’m talking about here.
Meanie Wear customized drawing

Meanie Wear customized drawing

Don’t get me wrong – of course there are plenty of good jokes printed on tees out there and some of it might be called art. I like it when people have a serious approach to their business, even when it’s humurous / funny. Perfect example of this is relatively new clothing label Meanie Wear, owned & operated by Joe and Chris Radella from the lil’ town of Talking Rock, Georgia, US. Not long ago I was priviledged by receiving a parcel with not one, but two Meanie Wear sample tees to try them out – one was regular men-styled T-shirt, and the other one was great-looking ladies tank.

Label profile

Before I tell you what we thought about sent samples – you might wanna check out Meanie Wear label profile to see  what this line is all about.

  • Label type – family owned and operated licensed T-shirt business;
  • Mission – “the objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and a reliable customer service experience for our customers” (quoted);
  • Designs – hand-drawn, funny and attractive, based around the character of Meanie;
  • Web presence – website with the online shop, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

In case you were wondering who is Meanie – he is this crazy and a little bit ugly character who likes to have fun while riding a mountain bike, surfing big waves, playing with his kick-ass band or listening to reggae music. “Meanie had no name until a friend seen the drawing on the wall and said – that’s a mean looking character! And I said, THAT’S a self – portrait OLD FRIEND!!! The name Meanie stuck”, says Joe Radella, Meanie’s creator. And now – onto the samples!

Sample one – Tornado ladies tank

When I first saw this tank  on Meanie Wear’s Facebook profile I loved it. You must admit it looks really appealing, even if you’re not a lady (much like me). I often think that any prints on this kind of clothes spoils the look of it, however Meanie  ridin’ a mean tornado fits this tank just like a mustard fits them hot dogs! No wonder it looked even better when it was seen live.

Tornado Meanie ladies tank by Meanie Wear

Tornado Meanie ladies tank by Meanie Wear

  • T-shirt design – Meanie riding a tornado is printed using only two colors – black and white – onto olive-colored tank, which certainly draws attention whilst not looking aggressive;
  • Creativity aspect – clean and simple hand-drawn design, which is what we really liked in combination with this kind of shirt;
  • T-shirt type – 100% presrunked ring spun cotton tank with ribbed pattern and “romantic” embroidery  on armholes and upper edges, plus a raw edgebottom. Made by Anvil – a company known for it’s quality when it comes to whole range of styles (men / women / youth). Although made of 100% cotton shirt feels very elastic, almost as if it was made of  lycra;
  • Additional prints – there is a back print on this tank – it’s Meanies’ face, which is bigger than other back prints I’m seeing on tees, especially on this type of clothes;
  • Sizing – this tank came is size M and it follows your body line perfectly if you like silhouette-fitted clothes,whilst not being too tight;
  • Printing method – this design is printed using screen-printing method, which is widely accepted method because of it’s quality and durability (colors are not likely to be washed away for years);
  • Maintance – tank is to be washed in warm water with like-colors and tumble-dried medium. It shouldn’t be ironed, which is okay if you know that (if in your exact size) it will stretch upon dressing it up;
  • Price – this shirt is yours for $20.99, which is a more than reasonable price when you have in mind it’s looks and quality.
Tornado Meanie ladies tank by Meanie Wear - details front and back print

Tornado Meanie ladies tank by Meanie Wear - details front and back print

Tornado Meanie is a great looking and very comfortable tank for all you ladies which will make you look even prettier and attractive then you already are. Not only you’ll wear it with pride everywhere you go – it will last for years, without any concern about colors washing away with time.

Sample two – Meanie Surfs men T-shirt

Upon unpacking it Meanie Surfs tee looked really eye-catching, even though the design itself isn’t printed that big. I also liked the color of shirt, but it  felt as if it’ll be too wide for me.  Well since I go by the try & learn motto – there was only one way to find out will I wear Meanie tee with pride: trying it on!

Meanie Surfs T-shrit by Meanie Wear

Meanie Surfs T-shrit by Meanie Wear

  • T-shirt design – this designs shows Meanie in his shorts and sandals, holding his surfing board and ready to jump into the blue water. It’s a 3-colors (black / white / blue) design which looks really appealing printed onto ice-grey colored shirt;
  • Creativity aspect – I like the way Meanie is drawn, not only here, but everywhere he might show up – clean, without unnecessary details, with highlighted eyes and teeth which shows this character’s “mean” character. Meanie looks really relaxed and invites you to feel relaxed while wearing this tee;
  • T-shirt type – this is 100% pre-shrunked cotton shirt by Gildan – company which is known for it’s quality and consistency. It’s of medium thickness and feels very comfortable and soft;
  • Additional print – just like the tank above this tee also has Meanies’ face printed on the back with the logo written below. Looks really cool;
  • Sizing – this shirt came in L and I usually wear M, which means it’s not fitted that slim. Although one size bigger I think it still fits nice, especially being a bit thicker;
  • Printing method – this design is screen-printed, which means great quality and durability if maintained properly. You can easily feel the ink beneath fingers, especially on white-colored parts so this design feels almost relief-ish;
  • Maintance – this tee can be washed inside-out in warm water, but the neck tag says it cannot be ironed. However, I ironed it turned inside-out and nothing happened, except curves mysteriously disappeared, so I suggest you do the same;
  • Price – all Meanie Wear T-shirts are priced $15.99, which is perfect price for this type of tees.
Meanie Surfs T-shirt by Meanie Wear - details front and back print

Meanie Surfs T-shirt by Meanie Wear - details front and back print

In conclusion – Meanie Surfs is a relaxed-fitting high-quality T-shirt which is nice to wear on everyday basis. It’s easy to maintain and the printing quality is great, so it’s surely value for money.


Joe and Chris Radella started Meanie Wear when they were really sure where they want to get with it. Now, you might have  the best intentions on creating the best T-shirt company in the world, but you have to be serious about it, meaning – you’ll have to pay attention to quality and satisfaction of your customers, along with creating nice looking designs. Luckily for them – seems the Radellas have all necessary ingredients for cooking up the good Meanie soup. I’d only like to see some tag labels sewn to their shirts in the future.

Liked Meanie Wear story / designs? Felt inspired by it to create your own clothing line? I’d love to hear your comments, so don’t hesitate to leave them below!

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Well it’s Christmas time and we here at Teezine thought we should gift you – our readers – with something really unique. You know, in that ole’ true Christmas spirit! Since we know you already checked our massive list of Xmas T-shirt sales and picked some tees there with nice discounts included we thought it wouldn’t be nice to break the tradition. Therefore we decided to put this set of special discount coupon codes underneath your Christmas tree! Quite a present, dontcha think?

How does these codes work?

Teezine codesIn case you don’t know how does these promotional codes work – it’s  simple as wiping your chin after looking at Kim Kardashian latest hot video! You just go visit online shops listed below and browse through their wonderful offers. When you find something you want – and you will, believe us – you just add it to your shopping cart and go to checkout section. While there you just write adequate code in the adequate field and that’s it – your order will be minimized for mentioned percentage.

Arteefact – get 10% off

If you’ve been reading Teezine lately you already noticed this great  Greek clothing line called Arteefact from our review of their sample shirt. Nice folks at Arteefact prepare each T-shirt for the one who ordered it by cutting vinyl and transferring it onto garment. They have recently added hoodies and longsleeves to their offer. Use code teezine to get 10% off any order until 10th of January 2011. Hurry up!

POV - Expansion Limited T-shirt by Arteefact; €25.00

POV - Expansion Limited T-shirt by Arteefact; €25.00

OMUNKY – get 10% off

OMUNKY will one day rule the world. But until then, it will just have to settle for making amazing clothing. OMUNKY is the type of shirt you wear when you want to break the ice. If you are looking for creative eco-friendly apparel that is guaranteed to start the conversation, you have to check out OMUNKY’s selection! And while picking tees for yourself don’t forget to write the code TEEZINE to get 10% off your order.

Owl T-shirt by OMUNKY; $22.00

Owl T-shirt by OMUNKY; $22.00

Winky Boo – get 10% off

Winky Boo is this next-big-thing clothing label which we recently fatured via interview with the owner Amy Fiedler. Not only we’re preparing a great rocking surprise for all of you guys in collaboration with Winky Boo and the bands they endorse, but you can also save 10% when buying their great-looking kick-ass stuff using the code BLOGWINKY at the checkout.

Hats T-shirt by Winky Boo; $10.00

Hats T-shirt by Winky Boo; $10.00

Blush Clothing – get 15% off

Blush is a casual fashion brand that is predominately female based with a selection of male designs as well. The company is owned by Kyle Even and David Schmitt from the well known alternative rock band Breathe Carolina,  as well as Josh White of Umbrella Clothing. Blush was recently featured in Alternative Press magazine for the brand in the 2011 clothing brands to watch. Code is blushisacult and is valid through 15th of January 2011. Be quick or blush!

Audrey T-shirt by Blush; $20.00

Audrey T-shirt by Blush; $20.00

Aaitski! – get 20% off

Coming from Belgium, Aaitski! (means:  feelin’ alright-ski!) is well-known indie clothing brand which crates coolafield clothing for you, your girl / boy friend and your babiez and little brothaz and sistahz. Tees, longsleeves, hoodies and more. Their designs are way too cute, as well as their promo coupon code for all of you Teezine readers – it’s TEEZINSKI and it get’s you 20% off every order.

Pan Tigra T-shirt by Aaitski!; €22.00

Pan Tigra T-shirt by Aaitski!; €22.00

Gimongus Clothing – get 20% off

Gimongus Clothing launched only this year and already managed to produce some killer-looking items, such as tees, tank tops, sweatshirts and hoodies. Great for all rockers, rollers, skaters and other fun-loving individuals. You might know Gimongus from our article on how to grow your T-shirt business by sponsoring music talents. The code for 20% off every order is HOHOHO – how appropriate!

Pizza T-shirt by Gimongous; $20.00

Pizza T-shirt by Gimongous; $20.00

Meanie Wear – get 2 shirts for the price of one!

Meanie Wear is newly established clothing line based around the wonderful and a bit weird world of this crazy little character Meanie. Well, Meanie likes to surf, play with his bad-ass band, ride his bike and do almost anything you do – it’s just he does it Meanie-style. While you’re waiting for our 2 in 1 Meanie Wear sample shirts review you must check their great offer – 2 tees for the price of one! No code needed, just place your order.

Rasta Meanie T-shirt by Meanie Wear; $15.99

Rasta Meanie T-shirt by Meanie Wear; $15.99

Now, go empty your socks for that little extra cash you saved for the dark  days and place your orders – it would be unfair not to use  these great promo codes, right?  Note that the prices below each shirt are minimized for mentioned percentage when using adequate coupon codes.

Happy shopping everybody and a very Merry Christmas!

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What a great tee company! Waterloo (the name pays a tribute to great The Kinks song “Waterloo Sunset”, not ABBA) started by a group of friends in Argentina, who wanted to have some unique shirts inspired by great rock music they listened to. So they started making their own shirts DIY, and later on it became a “real job” with selling their designs worldwide via internet. I simply LOVE their retro-inspired collection, covering such artists as The Clash (ah, the almighty Clash…), The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and so on. They also make designs influenced by some great movies, music magazines and festivals, plus, they also make really cool retro bags from ecological leather, which is more than great. Here is some of the new stuff off of their website.

woodstock by waterloojohn and yoko by waterloocreem by waterlooretro bag by waterloo

Designs are silk-screened and all of them are available for both men and women (women shirts come in 3 different styles, but not for every design). Shirts are 25 US bucks, and if you order 3 of them – you get one for free! But that’s not all, folks! If you’re reading this and want to order from them, YOU GET 10% DISCOUNT OFF! Just add teezine in the discount field at the bottom of your shopping cart. Great, isn’t it?

And just when I thought “it would be nice if these guys had kids collection”, I noticed that actually they do! For more great Waterloo designs and more information on ordering – check their website. And if that’s not enough – these creative people also have their indie rock band, you can check their MySpace profile for some nice tunes…

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Today I want to tell you about an interesting tee company in Edinburgh, Scotland, which proves there are more good things coming from that city apart from The Exploited (I bet you all know who they are). ILK Industries started as an idea of creating different tee fashion that the one which is sold by large companies. After their first shirts, which were gone quickly, they decided to make more designs and from there on they continue to create some cool T-shirt art. I randomly picked some of their tees off of their site. As they say – ladies first…

my kind of place by ilk industrieshome grown by ilk industries

What I like about their women shirts is that they come in various styles (as you can see on pictures above), like low cut or scoop neck top shirts. Here are a couple of men T-shirt designs.

guitar by ilk industriesilk logo by ilk industries

They also have some hoodies and bags. I really enjoy their nature-inspired graphics and environmentalist attitude. Plus, they also have a nice website too, and guess what – all their products (not a nice word at all) are now on SALE (women shirts are 12 GB pounds now, men shirts are 14 pounds, hoodies 22 pounds and bags less than 6 pounds). So, no reason to check their site out, choose some of their stuff and order it. And while you’re waiting, you can listen to some Billy Bragg… Go, ILK!

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