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Although a recent email from David of Chrmng Industries was my first proper introduction to this clothing label – I already LOVE it! Not that they only offer a wide range of items – they also have some cool & great looking designs. I especially love the simplicity in their approach, typical for the indie-style designs, whilst being eye-catching and strong at the same time. Here are the few examples from their men-styled T-shirt offer.

As you can see the colors Chrmng Indiustries are using when designing are basic and the images are hand-drawn (as well as typography), which adds much to the uniqueness of the brand. The images refer to nature (i.e. clouds, animals, trees…), trying to perhaps bring awareness amongst their potential customers of the world that surrounds us, not only being the urban surroundings / cities.

I like the fact that being consious and aware of other peoples needs is very important for this brand, as 10% of each purchase goes into production of the clothes for people who really need it. The prices are also very affordable, with tees going for $20.00. The wide range of items in Chrmng online shop is best shown through kids-style line, which is more than charming, but also through tote bags, hoodies and those handy pins you all love!

For the end I’d like to mention that these unisex zip-up hoodies are priced as low as $30.00, plus the coupon code “teezine” will get you 20% off! With such a profiled and very well targeted approach I am sure Chrmng Industries is on their way to grow rapidly as one of the leading independent clothing brands. I know these are the strong words, however their designs and their offer is there to prove it.

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Hey there, tee lovers!

Well, for my first post I have decided to take a look at some of the crazy and very cool designs there at Split the Atom. As some of you may know, all their designs are printed on American Apparel shirts, which are 100 % percent cotton (plus they look really nice). Designs are screen-printed, using the highest quality methods. I have randomly chosen four of their designs, and if you’re into designing cool tee graphics you can submit your own design there at their site.

As far as the prices are concerned, they are expressed in GB pounds (usually around 15 pounds per tee), which doesn’t come as a surprise if you know it’s an UK online store. I think the price is fair, having in mind you buy DESIGNERS shirts from them.

Split the Atom- crocselvis from Split the Atomtypegraf from Split the Atommixed tape monkey from Split the Atom

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