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San Francisco based art apparel and accessories line Upper Playground is releasing a collection of four t-shirts designed by artist Alex Pardee, who worked for bands – among others – The Used and In-Flames .  Fresh off of opening a pop-up shop in San Francisco for his partner brand, Zerofriends, Alex has delivered four t-shirts – Hellraiser, Spider Ram, The Carpenters, and The Second Hugging –  exclusively to Upper Playground that all stay true to Alex’s twisted animation style.

Alongside the release of the tees, Upper Playground and Alex Pardee are offering an opportunity to snag some limited edition giclee prints – the first 15 purchases of each of the four t-shirts in the Upper Playground online store will receive a corresponding giclee print of the design starting on 10/7/10.  The giclee prints measure 5″ x 7″ and are printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper – each print is extremely limited to a quantity of 15 and is hand-signed and numbered by Alex Pardee.  All four t-shirts are available exclusively at the Upper Playground webstore and at Upper Playground retail locations.


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Among thousands of new T-shirt companies out there nowadays, not many stick out from the bunch. However, I believe that Montreal based Akumu Ink is very good choice if you happen to like big prints on your tees and graphics inspired by rock scene (hardcore in particular). It surprised me that these folks only started in February this year, cause they already made a lot f really nice and cool designs (they decided to come out with two new designs each month). Now, they also make fine tote bags too, so here are some of their fresh designs (they are called “Impaled”, “Shattered” and “When A Cat Smiles”).

impaled by akumu inkshattered by akumu inkwhen a cat smiles by akumu ink

Akumu (which stands for nightmare in Japanese) is totally do-it-yourself tee company, which means they print their stuff themselves and only when someone order from them. Tees are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton shirts, and prices range from $21 – $25 (totes from $8 – $11), which I think is more than fair, having in mind the prints are BIG. They also ship worldwide, and the shipping price is only $4,50 per item. I’m sure you’ll find yourself something nice there on their website, and I’m looking forward for two new Akumu June designs!

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Uneetee is similar to Threadless or Design By Hümans. Designers submit their graphic for a T-shirt, then visitors of the site vote for it. If it gets enough votes, then the designs are being printed on actual shirts and you have a chance to buy ’em. Nice thing is that some of the designs are being printed with that special colors with “effects”, such as shining, gold and silver colors, glow in the dark and such (there is an explanation for such shirts). It was hard to pick designs to be presented at Tee zine, so I concentrated on new tees.





Designs are printed on 100 % cotton shirts (American Apparel), and prices are mostly $17.99, which is more than fair. There is also an Insaneetee Deal, which means you can buy one selected shirt for that day for the price of just 10 bucks! Now, that’s really cool. What I like about sites like these is “everyone wins” situation – quality designers are being rewarded for their good job, they make some money, people are buying some really great looking shirts and this can’t be bad for people at Uneetee either 🙂 Anyway, go vote for very cool designs now! Support indie artists!

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If you guys like Threadless, I’ll bet you like Design By Hümans. Pretty much the same concept, and as they say at their website – Design by Hümans is a place for people to submit, discover and buy amazing custom T-shirt designs created by artists from around the world. Well, I must tell you I was pretty amazed by creativity of certain designers and used print techniques. Here are some of the designs / tees I found really cool.

Design By HumansDesign By HumansDesign By HumansDesign By HumansDesign by HumansDesign By Humans

Now you go to this online communi-tee and vote for submitted designs, and if you’re a designer – no reason not to join DBH and submit your own design. As you can see, there are really cool T-shirts to buy, and you can be sure it’s top quality shirts. Prices range depending on the chosen shirt. I must say I’m amazed by the amount of stuff since DBH started not a year ago. I bet they become as popular as Threadless is. You help them to make it happen.

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This guy is cool. Amorphia Apparel stands for a talented tee designer Jeremy Kalgreen, who make vector designs for printing onto American Apparel 100% cotton shirts. I find his designs quite funny and some of them are really sarcastic, even though I’m not a fan of all the “funny” T-shirt slogans and designs out there. However, a couple of Amorphia Apparel shirts made me laugh. I especially like the fact that you can order the print you like on various products, such us bags and ringer shirts, just like at Spreadshirt or at Cafepress. Same design can also come in different color(s), which is in contrast to color of the shirt / bag. So, here are some of his new designs I like (at least I hope they’re new)…

copilot by amorphiafuckingpter by amorphiarex by amorphiashadowhostage by amorphia

Apparently, Amorphia Apparel uses a plot printing technique. Frankly, I didn’t have a clue that it can look so good. For those who didn’t know, this technique cuts out a thin layer of polyurethane color material (flock, flex) with cutting machine, and then the color material is heat-pressed until it fuses to the fabric. Prices range from 12 to 25 US dollars, depending on products you want to buy. Since each design is printed by demand, there is not a big stock of stuff to buy. Rather then that, they treat each of their products as unique. They also ship worldwide, so the shipping prices depend on where you live. I don’t think you need much more recommendations to go to Amorphia Apparel online shop and order something.

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