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Schools can be so cruel.  Especially if you have bad taste in picking up the stuff to wear. If it wasn’t so with RoyLyn Le’Vaughan Palmer-Coleman, I wouldn’t be blogging about his relatively new and exciting clothing line Vaughn De Heart. So, how to overcome everydays’ mocking by your school mates? By designing your own shirts, of course! In no time RoyLyn’s DIY shirts were more popular than Lady GaGa’s latest single. Well, almost… However, the brand called Vaughn de Heart (Vaughn “of heart”) was conceived after RoyLyn designed shirts for his college fraternity. Once he saw a completely unknown man with wife and kids wearing one of his shirts RoyLyn decided to start his own line.

By the first look it’s evident Vaughn De Heart designs are of simple shapes, yet still they occupy rather large areas of garment. It’s also perceptible they incline toward classic fashion styles, so I guess Vaughn De Heart could become popular among the people who follow trends, along with the ones who are of free spirit and passionate in everything they do. Just like RoyLyn.

I like the fact RoyLyn didn’t leave his design only at chest print. There’s Vaughn De Heart logo printed on the sleeve of each shirt, along with nice looking tags which are telling the subtitles to each design (plus the instructions on how to maintain your piece of cloth). It surely gives the personal touch, while looking great at the same time.

All Vaughn De Heart items are limited edition and RoyLyn is not planning reprints after all are gone. He will rather focus on new designs. Not only does Vaughn De Heart produces great T-shirts – they also offer a backpack, too (well, more like the bag you can wear on your back). Maybe that’s just the beggining of extending the line? Who know, we’ll see. The bottom line is – with such profiled approach Vaughn De Heart is on the right path climbing up The Mountain Of Independent Fashion.

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I like when I see a shirt that catches my eye. No matter if I walk through the city, go shopping, or surfing the internet. And what surprised me about Rhetoric is that their tees somehow manage to catch my eye with almost each of their designs. It’s not a question of just being nice to Lizbeth who wrote to see if they could be featured at Tee Zine (after all, I’m not ashamed to admit I didn’t know about them prior to her email). I just went to their site, not hoping I will find anything spectacular, and what I saw were quality designs with a hidden meaning, not unlike many tees at Threadless. So, here are couple of them I randomly picked:

I especially like those tiny details, for example their logo on the back of the sleeve, which prove Rhetoric manages to create something that is unique and different. They pay special attention to the quality of both the shirts and the prints, using only top textiles and materials (including pima cotton) and colors / print techniques, which provides a greater durability of both shirts and colors, which don’t wash off or fade. Prices are mostly $24.00, which I think really isn’t much for such a tee. I hope you agree.

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This guy is cool. Amorphia Apparel stands for a talented tee designer Jeremy Kalgreen, who make vector designs for printing onto American Apparel 100% cotton shirts. I find his designs quite funny and some of them are really sarcastic, even though I’m not a fan of all the “funny” T-shirt slogans and designs out there. However, a couple of Amorphia Apparel shirts made me laugh. I especially like the fact that you can order the print you like on various products, such us bags and ringer shirts, just like at Spreadshirt or at Cafepress. Same design can also come in different color(s), which is in contrast to color of the shirt / bag. So, here are some of his new designs I like (at least I hope they’re new)…

copilot by amorphiafuckingpter by amorphiarex by amorphiashadowhostage by amorphia

Apparently, Amorphia Apparel uses a plot printing technique. Frankly, I didn’t have a clue that it can look so good. For those who didn’t know, this technique cuts out a thin layer of polyurethane color material (flock, flex) with cutting machine, and then the color material is heat-pressed until it fuses to the fabric. Prices range from 12 to 25 US dollars, depending on products you want to buy. Since each design is printed by demand, there is not a big stock of stuff to buy. Rather then that, they treat each of their products as unique. They also ship worldwide, so the shipping prices depend on where you live. I don’t think you need much more recommendations to go to Amorphia Apparel online shop and order something.

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