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Since everybody’s into tee business nowadays, it’s nice to see that some companies focus around specific topic, which – along with a good marketing strategy – can lead to popularity and success in a short time. And what a better idea for a tee company, than to build up their designs around past USA presidential election campaigns (not only presidential…)? Retrocampaigns.com is a small tee company based in LA, and yes – they do have Kennedy, Reagan, Carter, even the independent hopeful Ross Perot (from 1992 elections) designs. Here are some of my picks off their website (which doesn’t mean I naturally agree with associated politics of some of the candidates) :


Nice thing is they now have kids’ styles, you can check it out at their cool looking website. All tees are printed on American Apparel brand, which you already know is of finest quality (although not necesserilly 100% cotton), and prices are $19.99 for bothe men and women styles, plus sizes are from X-S to double L. If you dig retro shirts, I guess Retrocampaigns.com could become one of your favorite  destination for online shopping. I am kinda sucker for all things retro, especially those New Kids On The Block hair-tails, I guess those would look great on shirts, too…


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