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Don’t dress like everybody else – find cool and unique T-shirts for yourself

Finding cool unique T-shirts out there might turn into a real Don Quijote quest for you – sometimes you just feel as if you were fighting windmills! Everybody thinks they offer unique stuff and everybody thinks they wear unique stuff. You might think that by entering some fancy store in nearest shopping mall makes you cool and unique, but it’s just not so because of two main reasons:

  • you don’t want to pay too much for something that is not worth it;
  • you don’t want to wear what everybody else is wearing.

Therefore it’s highly recommendable that you go indie. Following is the list of five independent T-shirt labels picked by us which might help you with your decision to stand out from the rest by chosing your new unique and quality T-shirt!

Confound Clothing – quality over quantity

Confound Clothing is a newly-established clothing company from UK. They feature hand-drawn, digitally colored designs which will surely get you noticed without screaming all over with flourescent colors. Quality T-shirts plus unique designs with nice prices is a triple win situation.

Confound Clothing T-shirt designs

Confound Clothing T-shirt designs

  • Mission – creating designs inspired by anything really: from art, trough music, to the picture of your mamma (not really);
  • Designs – sharks and wolves images can be found almost everywhere. However, guys at Confound strive to make their images different, putting their own designer signature to them by a bit bold  inking and yet delicate coloring;
  • Offer – there are currently three designs to choose from, which is not much, but is certainly enough for a promising start. Designs are  printed onto Froot Of The Loom 100% cotton 165gm T-shirts;
  • Pricing – shirts are priced £14.00 each, but if you choose all three you can get the bundle for only £30.00. Shipping is free in UK, £5.00 in Europe and £7.50 for the rest of the world.

More More More – less is more

More More More is an indie clothing label from Sweden which goes after less is more principle with their designs. Less colors, less details, less aggression, but more fun, more relaxation and more recognition. Sophisticated and direct at the same time, More More More items feel extremely light and classy.

Drippin' and Bandit T-shirts from Bandit collection by More More More

Drippin' and Bandit T-shirts from Bandit collection by More More More

  • Mission – to get people to feel extra pretty and that they can do it with a broad smile (quoted);
  • Designs – based on simple shapes and hand-drawn typography, in nice contrasts to primary colors of garments. As we already stated – less less less is more more more;
  • Offer – More More More has a very nice variety of products – from regular T-shirts and hoodies in both men and women styles, to accessories such as beanies, caps, tanks and tote bags;
  • Pricing – with €23.00 for a tee and €50.00 for a zip-up hoodie (plus €15.00 for a beanie and €10.00 for a bag) prices are reasonable and there are many items on sale (from as low as €13.00).

Peasop Clothing – white + colors = fun

Peasoup Clothing is new T-shirt label from UK which was born out of the desire to wear something different. Peasoup produces fresh and interesting limited edition tees with colorful designs, printed on Gildan fitted T-shirts that are built to last.

Deer and Birds T-shirts by Peasoup Clothing

Deer and Birds T-shirts by Peasoup Clothing

  • Mission – to help you look better (quoted);
  • Designs – big and carefully colored. They’re eye-catching, easy to recognize and have a common designer signature. Standing out from the rest and a bit of obscurity is Peasoup’s trademark;
  • Offer – there are four designs that come in both men and women styled tees. Peasoup isn’t one of those companies which will flood you with their new designs – they rather focus on quality over quantity (uniqueness included);
  • Pricing – prices are rather appropriate; all tees are £15.00, with shipping prices ranging from £1.50 to £3.50 (worldwide delivery).

Pyknic – clothes good enough to eat

Pyknic started back in 2006 with two friends (The Chef and The Butcher) designing their tees based on culinary recipes (well, not really), which continues to this day. Finding inspiration in Hanna-Barbera-style cartoons and comic illustrations Pyknic designs are both funny and great looking, without uneccessary exaggeration.

Culinary Cadets collection by Pyknic

Culinary Cadets collection by Pyknic

  • Mission – creating clothes that are good enough to eat;
  • Designs – bold, colorful and comic-styled, Pyknic designs are dominating the shirts, without being aggressive at the same time. Based around culinary topics Pyknic tees are funny and eye-catching;
  • Offer – very varied line with T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and even shorts and pants, all spiced up with accessories such as toys, bracelets and hats;
  • Pricing – prices are a bit more, but still very reasonable, with much nice sales. New T-shirt designs go for $24.99, crews for $35.00, hoodies for $40.00 and girls dinner denim for $20.00, for example.

Red Choo Choo – timeless and unique designs

Red Choo Choo is San Francisco based T-shirt line which collaborates with various artists on creating shirts which you will not wear only today, but for years to come. With various designers working on their line  and variety in shirt styles – Red Choo Choo offers something for everybody, whilst being environmentally-friendly.

Loin and Muted T-shirt designs by Red Choo Choo

Loin and Muted T-shirt designs by Red Choo Choo

  • Mission – to create timeless and unique designs (quoted);
  • Designs – sometimes direct, most times delicate Red Choo Choo designs are a bit artistic and even abstract. Careful choosing of colors, both for T-shirts and the designs;
  • Offer – nice variety of T-shirts in men, women and kids styles, with some items on sale and even a book in the offer. Designs are printed using water based inks on a super soft preshrunk 4.5 oz. 100% combed ring-spun cotton;
  • Pricing – prices are affordable, with tees going for $25.00 – $30.00 (kids T-shirts for $20.00). There are some items on nice sales.

Hope this list helps you with your decission on how to dress cool. Looking good goes hand in hand with picking indie clothing labels as your  shopping option, needless to say you’re supporting small-business and people like you this way.

Are you a proud owner of some item by affore-mentioned lines? Know about some other cool unique T-shirt line? Let us all know by leaving your comment here!

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This guy is cool. Amorphia Apparel stands for a talented tee designer Jeremy Kalgreen, who make vector designs for printing onto American Apparel 100% cotton shirts. I find his designs quite funny and some of them are really sarcastic, even though I’m not a fan of all the “funny” T-shirt slogans and designs out there. However, a couple of Amorphia Apparel shirts made me laugh. I especially like the fact that you can order the print you like on various products, such us bags and ringer shirts, just like at Spreadshirt or at Cafepress. Same design can also come in different color(s), which is in contrast to color of the shirt / bag. So, here are some of his new designs I like (at least I hope they’re new)…

copilot by amorphiafuckingpter by amorphiarex by amorphiashadowhostage by amorphia

Apparently, Amorphia Apparel uses a plot printing technique. Frankly, I didn’t have a clue that it can look so good. For those who didn’t know, this technique cuts out a thin layer of polyurethane color material (flock, flex) with cutting machine, and then the color material is heat-pressed until it fuses to the fabric. Prices range from 12 to 25 US dollars, depending on products you want to buy. Since each design is printed by demand, there is not a big stock of stuff to buy. Rather then that, they treat each of their products as unique. They also ship worldwide, so the shipping prices depend on where you live. I don’t think you need much more recommendations to go to Amorphia Apparel online shop and order something.

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Today I want to tell you about an interesting tee company in Edinburgh, Scotland, which proves there are more good things coming from that city apart from The Exploited (I bet you all know who they are). ILK Industries started as an idea of creating different tee fashion that the one which is sold by large companies. After their first shirts, which were gone quickly, they decided to make more designs and from there on they continue to create some cool T-shirt art. I randomly picked some of their tees off of their site. As they say – ladies first…

my kind of place by ilk industrieshome grown by ilk industries

What I like about their women shirts is that they come in various styles (as you can see on pictures above), like low cut or scoop neck top shirts. Here are a couple of men T-shirt designs.

guitar by ilk industriesilk logo by ilk industries

They also have some hoodies and bags. I really enjoy their nature-inspired graphics and environmentalist attitude. Plus, they also have a nice website too, and guess what – all their products (not a nice word at all) are now on SALE (women shirts are 12 GB pounds now, men shirts are 14 pounds, hoodies 22 pounds and bags less than 6 pounds). So, no reason to check their site out, choose some of their stuff and order it. And while you’re waiting, you can listen to some Billy Bragg… Go, ILK!

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