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Valentine is just around the corner and if you’re in love with somebody I bet you already bought a present for them. If not – what are you waiting for? A perfect idea? Well, how about a T-shirt?

Let’s start with two possible scenarios:

  • You’re in love with someone – that’s cool! If you love someone and haven’t got the guts to admit it you might wanna choose some T-shirt design which describes your feelings towards that person the best;
  • You’re in love with yourself – that’s cool, too (although a bit weird)! If you’re not in love with anybody else but yourself you just as well might gift yourself with a great T-shirt design which describes your such feelings the best.

Both ways we’ve got a perfect example of a perfect Valentine’s gift – a Rat On The Run “Love Is In The Air” T-shirt.

Rat On The Run packaging

Rat On The Run packaging

We’re all rats on the run

If you’re not new to Teezine then you might remember UK’s independent clothing line by the name of Rat On The Run, whose great looking sample “Daydream” we reviewed back in 2009. If you’re not familiar with them, let me just tell you they’re designing simple and un-offensive shirts which can be worn on everyday basis. Their quality is top-notch, not just the shirts, but the print too, which we here at Teezine can assure you of since their previous sample stood the test of time, still looking very fresh and non worn out.

With Valentines’ Day approaching Rat On The Run sent us another  one of their samples for a review.

  • Packaging and appereance – similar to previous one, this sample also came packed in somewhat customized ROTR cardboard box. Upon unboxing it we discovered shirt was wrapped into paper and sealed with Rat On The Run sticker. After the shirt was unwrapped it surprised us again how simple and yet pretty it looked. A girly-shirt and design that’s both unpretentious and eye-catching.
Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run

Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run

  • Design and creativity – although some of you might not be fans of slogan T-shirts (and although “love is in the air” is a bit generic one) we agreed that this design is nice for what it represents. White and purple vintage cartoon-ish fonts printed onto heavy pink colored tee make a nice contrast and emphasizes the message wrapped in those hot love colors.  Add a little detail – a heart-shaped baloon – and you get a cute design to wear around the house, when going to school or shopping in your nearest store. Sport activities accepted, as well.
Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run detail

Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run detail

  • T-shirt type and fitting – sample came in medium size and it fits tight, but comfortable, especially when you have in mind garment is of medium thickness (not too thin or heavy). It’s a 100% cotton shirt which feels nice on your body, tailored that it follows your waist, with those half-sized retro-looking sleeves.
  • Printing method and maintancescreen-printing is used in production of this tee, and it’s one of the most-common and best methods of printing, known for the durability of colors. Maintance is relatively easy – neck label says it is to be 40 degrees machine washed (with like-colors), you can iron it (although it’s recommendable not to iron over the design itself) and you can dry it in the drier (using normal cycle setting). You cannot bleach the shirt, though, as well as dryclean it.
Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run details

Love Is In The Air T-shirt by Rat On The Run details

  • Details and pricing – this shirt also has an additional print – a Rat On The Run cool looking logo on the left sleeve printed in white – which makes the shirt unique and branded. As mentioned before – there is a neck label with company’s logo and maintance instructions, printed silver onto black, adding a touch of glamour to the shirt. Price is £18.00, which is approx. $29.00 at the moment (with postage and packagingt included – not sure if it’s only valid  for UK’s territory though), so the price is  rather affordable.

With all this being said – we concluded Rat On The Run produced nice looking, quality shirt that’s easy to maintain and will last for years. Although using a common slogan – this shirt celebrates love and with it’s affordable price  makes a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Wheter you buy it for someone else, or for yourself.

Find this shirt nice? Find this review useful? Please let us know by leaving your comment below. Thank you!


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“Why do I daydream” is an opening verse for the song “Dreams” by one of my favourite bands of all times – Descendents, along with the chorus which says: “my mind is a dream filled balloon / dripping dreams into my shoes / and I’m too afraid to move / to face the real world”... Despite the popular belief, I really do think we all need some daydreaming from time to time, and so I was more than happy when a shirt called “Daydream” by indie tee label Rat On The Run arrived (the name may sound familiar to you through our previous post about them). I’m also happy that this is the first women-styled physical shirt we review here at Tee zine!

RAT 006The shirt itself is in – what I like to call – heavenly blue color (offical name for that color is turquoise), and just from the look at it I thought it was very cute. After it is dressed shirt feels really comfortable, fitting nicely and being thin, but not that much (I’d say it’s medium thickness). It is your typical women-styled shirt, being firm at waist, along with those cute little “cut off” sleeves. The design itself is mommy’s-little-girl era alike, I mean – just from the age when you hair-dressed your Barbie doll, starting to think about that guy Ken. Little rainbow behind a cloud, with the word “daydream” written below it, plus some nice flowers and dots (using white, orange and pink colors). Not for non-daydreamers, I’d say.

RAT 004RAT 005Now, I must admit I hate rats (or how that animal is called in Croatian province of Dalmatia – pantagana). However, I like the way Stuart Sibley (the man behind Rat On The Run) used “pantagana” – or rat – in his logo, which is printed on the left sleeve. It makes the shirt much more interesting and appealing, plus I think Stuart stays true to his iconic style of designing. That logo is also printed on the tag inside, which says – funny enough – “100% cotton, you dirty rat”, as you can see on one of these pictures. Tag in particular is way too cool, not just because of that interesting remark, but because the logo is printed in silver color on black colored tag.

RAT 008RAT 007As we mentioned before, Stuart is really putting all his energy into his label, choosing only the finest garments for his designs to be printed onto. Technique he uses is silk-printing, meaning when you’re buying from him you get unique shirt, each one you choose. And the designs are always cartoon-ish and iconic, which – in combination with the contrast-colored shirts – makes really good looking, eye-catching shirts in which you’ll be surely perceived by not sticking out wearing some fluorescent mega-print on your body.

RAT 001I’d say Rat On The Run’s prices are rather fair. All tees are 12 British pounds (around $20 / before they were priced 18 pounds), plus handling & shipping.  When ordered, your shirt should arrive in a cool cardboard box (at least mine has), with Rat On The Run’s trademarks – their big logo and a tape with those black and yellow stripes on box edges. I dunno how much you mailorder in fact, but it could become really fun with companies like this one – it’s not just a shirt, it’s the whole experience; from waiting for that shirt you really wanted to arrive, unwrapping the parcel, and then finally trying it on. It shows that Rat On The Run cares about the detail, and detail is what makes the difference. I am sure this shirt will be one of my favourites – thank God the summer will last for some more time…

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Blogging about T-shirts, I get a lot of emails which are pointing to sites with new clothing lines, asking me to check them out. And I always do so. Sometimes I like what I see, other times I don’t. With Rat On The Run, an independent label started by designer Stuart Sibley, I really liked what he has to offer. Iconic images and cartoon-alike logos are the core of his designs. It always looks good on shirts and it sure catches your eye. Here are few samples.


I asked Stuart to present his tee line to all of you, so here’s what he had to say…

“Motivated by the desire to get out of the monotony of the day job I decided to transform work time doodles into real life designs and launch a web based company marketing exclusively designed t-shirts. Soon my endeavours had inspired the company’s name, Rat On The Run, and found a medium for my creative energies.

I guess I could have just jacked in the job and become an artist but I needed my work to be far more direct and graphic and I have always loved the ability of t-shirts for providing this. I believe that t-shirts are the most democratic of mediums for communicating ideas, opinions or simply taste. Anyone can find a t-shirt that expresses themselves or their views and if they can’t, they can take a marker and create their own.

Rat on the Run’s website, www.ratontherun.com, caters for both men and women, selling the t-shirts online.  Screen printed onto quality garments, the iconic designs are a mix of simple typography, visual puns and sometimes thought provoking slogans, but steers away from crass humour and anything deemed to be too commercial. As the number of designs increase and the range of clothing extends, the aim of Rat on the Run is to become a recognised brand, whilst still retaining it individuality and expressive style”.

So, why don’t you give yourself an advice and go check Stuart’s site, maybe you could find something for yourself there.

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