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Buying T-shirts online can be a tricky business sometimes. So many styles and designs, so many possibilities and prices. How to find that perfect shirt that not only looks cool, but will also be of highest quality and  – all in all – best value for money? Well, this article will not give you an answer to that. Instead, it will address few important things you need to have in mind when buying T-shirts online.

T-shirts are art

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

T-shirts are not only clothes, T-shirts are art. Hope you understand this fact. They express different standpoints, they feature specific design styles and they address various issues in unique, creative ways. T-shirt packaging – for instance – is an art for itself. So if you’re looking for another “I’m with stupid” slogan shirt – that’s fine, but here you’ll be given some facts about designer T-shirts in form of physical T-shirt review.

T-shirt sample

Recently I was offered to review Unleash Studio T-shirt of my choice by Melissa Rivera, the creative force behind this independent clothing company and designer studio from Honolulu, Hawaii. No ukulele, no lei this time. Melissa rather designs  her tees driven by the love for animals (not in some weird way, though – shame on you for thinking like that)! I chose “Rock Chick” T-shirt in green (it comes in grey, too). Two weeks later Unleash parcel found my doors.

  • Packaging – shirt was packed in plain envelope, but it had big Unlesah logo printed on it, which I find nice. Of course not all T-shirts you order  online need to have unique packaging, but adding such details says much about the professional approach of the company.
  • Overall impression upon unpacking shirt seemed very nice with dominating design and a lot of details, such as company tags and additional prints. It also appeared a bit longer than I expected, but I was warned about it before shirt was sent (later I’ll talk more about it).
  • T-shirt typedesign is printed on American Apparel T-shirt, a brand which is well-known for it’s outstanding quality. It’s a 100% combed cotton shirt which needs to be washed first in order to shrik (it’s not a preshrunk one) and it’s fitted athletic / slim. It’s also of medium thickness.

When worn shirt feels very comfortable, soft and light. You should always ask about those kind of things when you’re ordering T-shirts online because you simply don’t want to invest your bucks into something you wouldn’t feel comfortable in.

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - detail

T-shirt design

As I’ve stated before – this design is called “Rock Chick” and is just one of the designs from Unleash “animal series”, which also features “DJ Shark”, “Skateboarder Squirrel”, “Winged Elephant” and “Seahorse Knight” (plus some other combinations). It comes printed on green or grey shirts in both men and women styles (“Standard American” is American Apparel unisex line).

  • Creativity aspects – coming from a schooled and a very talented designer no wonder this design looks so great. Having an eye for a detail, Melissa Rivera adds some technology items to the body of this mohawked chick, which might address the latest (sad) human interventions into animal bodies. Chicken is standing on a guitar and it feels like it’s playing it using fingerpicking… umm, I meant – clawpicking style.  To spice it up a little Melissa colored  a mohawk into flaring green.
  • Details – having an eye for details is one thing, but applying that to your product is another. This T-shirt is filled with details, but luckily – not in a blatant way. There is a back print just above the lower edge of a tee, which features all the designs from Unleash “animal series”. There is also Unleash logo printed on the right sleeve, plus a sewn-in inwrought Unleash logo tag at the lower edge on front of a shirt. Since I’m a sucker for details I give this shirt the highest rating.
  • Print method – design is applied to the shirt using screen printing, which is  probably the most used method of  T-shirt printing. This  printing method – among other things – guarantees you longer durability of design / colors.

When buying a T-shirt you might want to think about what does the design says for itself. Is it perhaps representing your standpoint on something? Will  people react to the ironic approach of a design (I don’t mean iron-ed on / heat-transferred design)? Or you like it just because it looks great, so you hope you’ll look great in it? If so – keep on hoping!

Seriously – the design and the way it is done (both designed and printed / applied) is the crucial aspect of chosing your new T-shirt because of  both  uniqueness and persistence of colors.

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - back print

Other T-shirt facts

Here are some other facts about this T-shirt.

  • Sizing – this shirt is sized L and I usually wear M. I was warned I should order one size bigger because of the slim fit and because the shirt is not preshrunk. Pictures here are taken after I washed the shirt, so it shrunk a little.
  • Maintance – shirt should be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. This prevents the distortion of design / colors.
  • Additional items – there was Unleash cardboard tag attached to a neck tag. Shirt also came with a fyler which features all designs from Unleash “animal series” and states the importance of animals in our lives.
  • Price – This shirt is priced $20.00 (plus shipping), which is a middle-range price. It’s also very affordable if you know how well and detailed it is done, especially when some clothing companies charge double their uninventive designs.  Plus the shirt itself is of great quality. Sometimes you just want to pay a little extra in order to get the right quality and also something no one else has… well, at least not that many people.
Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - sleeve and tag

Rock Chick T-shirt by Unleash Studio - sleeve and tag


Unleash Studio managed to create a great looking T-shirt with cool T-shirt design which is both funny and creative,  while addressing the important issue (human treatment of animals). Shirt feels very comfortable and soft, it’s easy to maintain and the price is affordable, having in mind creativity and execution aspects. You might wanna check for the right sizing because of the  slim fit, though.

Make sure you check Unleash Studio official website because it features Melissa Rivera’s wonderfuly designed useful items, such as skateboard shelves, dog-shaped night lamps and robot desktop helpers.

Like this shirt? Find this article useful? Think I missed something? Please take a sec and leave your comment below – I’d really love to hear your opinion!

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I dunno if you actually need some fur for your soul, but I am sure you could use some Soul Fur in the shape of nicely designed and printed tees. Under that interesting name is a new indie tee brand, which has only 3 designs so far, but they already  show that (with some luck and proper marketing strategy) Soul Fur Clothing could make a name for itself in a short amount of time. These are all designs available at the moment.

spacecartelmechcartelbee cartel

Graphics are artistic and somehow itchy, but without being aggressive, which is a huge plus in my book, having in mind all those fluorescent big tee prints around. Geremy is building his designs around animals and insects, and I especially like the one with a bee glued to the honey (I like the way he purposely used yellow and purple color combination to catch your eye). As he said in his mail: “all of our shirts are 15 dollars + plus shipping & handling and include anything from playing cards, hand written notes, to cheap microphones”. So, there’s no real reason for you not to visit the Soul Fur Clothing shop here!

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What a great tee company! Waterloo (the name pays a tribute to great The Kinks song “Waterloo Sunset”, not ABBA) started by a group of friends in Argentina, who wanted to have some unique shirts inspired by great rock music they listened to. So they started making their own shirts DIY, and later on it became a “real job” with selling their designs worldwide via internet. I simply LOVE their retro-inspired collection, covering such artists as The Clash (ah, the almighty Clash…), The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and so on. They also make designs influenced by some great movies, music magazines and festivals, plus, they also make really cool retro bags from ecological leather, which is more than great. Here is some of the new stuff off of their website.

woodstock by waterloojohn and yoko by waterloocreem by waterlooretro bag by waterloo

Designs are silk-screened and all of them are available for both men and women (women shirts come in 3 different styles, but not for every design). Shirts are 25 US bucks, and if you order 3 of them – you get one for free! But that’s not all, folks! If you’re reading this and want to order from them, YOU GET 10% DISCOUNT OFF! Just add teezine in the discount field at the bottom of your shopping cart. Great, isn’t it?

And just when I thought “it would be nice if these guys had kids collection”, I noticed that actually they do! For more great Waterloo designs and more information on ordering – check their website. And if that’s not enough – these creative people also have their indie rock band, you can check their MySpace profile for some nice tunes…

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Today I want to tell you about an interesting tee company in Edinburgh, Scotland, which proves there are more good things coming from that city apart from The Exploited (I bet you all know who they are). ILK Industries started as an idea of creating different tee fashion that the one which is sold by large companies. After their first shirts, which were gone quickly, they decided to make more designs and from there on they continue to create some cool T-shirt art. I randomly picked some of their tees off of their site. As they say – ladies first…

my kind of place by ilk industrieshome grown by ilk industries

What I like about their women shirts is that they come in various styles (as you can see on pictures above), like low cut or scoop neck top shirts. Here are a couple of men T-shirt designs.

guitar by ilk industriesilk logo by ilk industries

They also have some hoodies and bags. I really enjoy their nature-inspired graphics and environmentalist attitude. Plus, they also have a nice website too, and guess what – all their products (not a nice word at all) are now on SALE (women shirts are 12 GB pounds now, men shirts are 14 pounds, hoodies 22 pounds and bags less than 6 pounds). So, no reason to check their site out, choose some of their stuff and order it. And while you’re waiting, you can listen to some Billy Bragg… Go, ILK!

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Hey there, tee lovers!

Well, for my first post I have decided to take a look at some of the crazy and very cool designs there at Split the Atom. As some of you may know, all their designs are printed on American Apparel shirts, which are 100 % percent cotton (plus they look really nice). Designs are screen-printed, using the highest quality methods. I have randomly chosen four of their designs, and if you’re into designing cool tee graphics you can submit your own design there at their site.

As far as the prices are concerned, they are expressed in GB pounds (usually around 15 pounds per tee), which doesn’t come as a surprise if you know it’s an UK online store. I think the price is fair, having in mind you buy DESIGNERS shirts from them.

Split the Atom- crocselvis from Split the Atomtypegraf from Split the Atommixed tape monkey from Split the Atom

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